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Animal Fashion Show and More Zoo Themed Learning Fun

Inspire kids to get creative with this fun animal fashion show, plus more zoo themed learning fun for kids.

Zoo themed learning activities for kids

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I love trying out new and exciting crafting materials, but when it comes to raising creative kids, there’s something to be said for limiting craft materials, at least some of the time! We packed up at least half of our belongings when we put our house on the market, including most of my craft supplies. I really missed all those crafty materials, but having nothing but tape, paper, scissors, and pens really brought out the creativity in my kids! This animal fashion show just made me laugh!

These little animals are tiny – the giraffe and zebra came from our beloved Safari Ltd Zoo Babies Toob. I think the rhinoceros and deer may have been mine as a kid. Given the small scale, I was particularly impressed by the zebra’s headband.

Besides the fun factor, this activity is a great way for kids to practice fine motor skills and to work on recognizing and naming colors.

More fun Zoo Themed Learning Activities for Kids

An animal fashion show is exactly the sort of mischief I would expect from the animals in Good Night Gorilla. This delightful board book features a group of animals who escape their zoo cages at night – all thanks to the gorilla. It’s bound to make you and your child giggle, and it’s this week’s Virtual Book Club for Kids pick.

Here are some more fun zoo themed learning activities for kids:

What fun things have your kids made recently? What role does creativity play in your home? Have you ever held an animal fashion show? Do you have any favorite zoo themed learning activities I should add to my list? Please share in the comments below, or on my Facebook page. You can also tag me on Instagram

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23 thoughts on “Animal Fashion Show and More Zoo Themed Learning Fun”

  1. These are awesome! That headband is fantastic. My kids have been in the mode of making up games with their friends lately. I love it.

  2. My neighbors (5 year old twins) made something yesterday that would be a great accessory to your fashionable animals: an animal garden! After making brownies, we cut the brownie box open, then cut it in half so they each had their own yard. They colored the box to look like grass and water, made paper trees (glueing them so they’d stand up), and made paper barns for their farm animals. Two hours passed in a flash before we got to “play”!

  3. These are very cute! My kids are creative with drawings, words, music, and lots and lots of pretend play.

  4. So cute! I love seeing what your kids get up to. My daughter turned my yoga mat into a dress yesterday. She tied it on with a drawstring bag of blocks (the blocks hanging down her back). It was an interesting fashion statement but not particularly easy to get around in.

  5. Hmmm……. I don’t remember paritcularly. The boys cleared out all of my recyclables…..

    I love their little creations, Princess does that all the time with paper, it’s fun to see what she comes up with. Of course lots of it is confetti that she calls soup.

    1. My kids haven’t made much food out of paper. They are really into fashion accessories! Johnny made horse riding boots out of scratch paper one day before we left Massachusetts, but I didn’t get a picture (hazards of moving chaos – they were really good, too!)

  6. I always enjoy seeing spontaneous creativity of your kiddos. This fashion show is terrific. I am sure their creativity will help them cope with all the changes in their lives.

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