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Amigurumi and Waldorf Inspired Baby Doll Crochet Pattern

Free crochet doll pattern. Crocheting is easy thanks to this step by step pattern with photos to create a complete crochet doll tutorial. You might also like this crochet overall shorts pattern (the red outfit below) to dress your doll in another outfit!

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free crochet doll pattern

This little crocheted baby doll has been in my head for ages! I kept looking and looking for a pattern online, but google searches of “crochet baby doll pattern” didn’t turn up what I had in mind – so I finally decided it was time to make my first-ever crochet pattern. And I’m glad I did, because I love how this little doll turned out!


I made this doll for Anna. I love crocheted softies as baby toys – they are washable, soft, and a great texture for littles to explore. Of course, the other three kids were eying her as well, and I (not surprisingly) have requests for three more.


They may get their wish, eventually, but in the meantime This wee girl is off adventuring in search of a name:


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Pattern Use

I contemplated selling this pattern, but decided I would rather have the doll enjoyed by more children. Please do not copy and paste these instructions to sell, or post anywhere else – online or via email. Share the link to this post instead.

You are welcome to sell dolls made with this pattern, provided you link to this tutorial in the listing. I am calling this a baby doll crochet pattern, but as a former chemo patient myself, I think she would make a great doll for a child undergoing chemo treatment – and I would love to see dolls made using this pattern donated to pediatric oncology units! I would also love to see photos if you make this doll – you can email pictures (or links to pictures) to mamasmilesblog at gmail dot com with “crochet doll” in the subject line. You can follow this link for a pattern for overall shorts and this link for a more girly pattern for overall shorts.

If any of the stitches referenced in this pattern are confusing, I recommend the crochet tutorials at PlanetJune. I also recommend the book (affiliate link) The Complete Photo Guide to Crochet.

Abbreviations used in the pattern:

ch = chain

sc = single crochet

dc = double crochet

inc = 2 single crochets in a single stitch (increase)

invdec = invisible decrease

Doll Crochet Pattern:


This doll was made using a size E crochet hook and worsted weight Sugar & Cream yarn. I used their cream color yarn. Dark taupe and ecru are other nice skin tone like colors from this brand. You should be able to make the entire doll using a fairly small skein of yarn; I used an enormous skein and so can’t tell you exactly how much I used. Most amigurumi crochet patterns call for acrylic yarn; I prefer the feel of cotton and so use Peaches & Cream even though it is a little harder to work with.

Crocheting the Doll Ears (make 2)

make a magic ring

sc 3 in magic ring (3 stitches)

Fasten off, and pull magic ring tight. Leave a long thread for attaching to head.

Doll Head and Body Crochet Instructions

make a magic ring

R1: sc 5 in magic ring (5 stitches)

R2: inc in each stitch (10 stitches)

R3: (sc 1, inc) x5 (15 stitches)

R4: (inc, 1sc, 1sc) x5 (20 stitches)

R5: (1sc, 1sc, 1sc, inc) x5 (25 stitches)

R6: (1sc, 1sc, inc, 1sc, 1sc) x5 (30 stitches)

R7: (inc, 1sc in next 5 stitches) x5 (35 stitches)

R8-11: sc all the way around (35 stitches)

R12: 1 sc in first 10 stitches, invdec in next 2 stitches, 1sc in next 3 stitches, invdec in next 2 stitches, sc in final 14 stitches (31 stitches)

The invdec stitches above create the eye sockets.

R13: sc in first 9 stitches, inc in next three stitches, sc in next stitch, make a three double crochet bobble stitch, sc in next stitch, inc in next three stitches, sc in final 13 stitches (37 stitches)

The bobble stitch is your doll’s nose. Here is a great tutorial on how to make a bobble stitch:

I also like this illustration of a bobble stitch from Look At What I Made.

R14: sc all the way around (37 stitches)

R15: sc 1, invdec 1, sc5, invdec 1, sc6, invdec 1, sc6, invdec 1, sc5, invdec 1, sc4 (32 stitches)

R16: invdec 1, sc3, invdec 1, sc 15, invdec 1, sc 3, invdec 1, sc 1, invdec 1 (27 stitches)

embroider eyes and attach ears. Note that ears or not visible on my doll until the end, because I was debating whether or not to make them. I think they would attach more easily at this point.


R17: (sc 1, invdec 1) x 4, sc 3, (invdec 1, sc 1) x 4 (19 stitches)

R18: sc 4, invdec 6, sc 3 (13 stitches)

R19: sc 4, invdec 3, sc 3 (10 stitches)

You have now completed the head. embroider mouth, and stuff.


Moving on to the body:

R20: inc all the way around (20 stitches)

R21: sc all the way around (20 stitches)

R22: sc 5, inc, sc 10, inc, sc 3 (22 stitches)

R23-32: sc all the way around (22 stitches)

R33: (sc 1, invdec 1) x3, sc 11, invdec 1 (18 stitches)

R34: invdec 3. This creates the indentation for your doll’s bum.

Fasten off, leaving a long tail for sewing. Stuff the body and stitch body shut. You may put a few poly pellets into the bottom of the body to weight it, if you want it to sit up on its own.

How to Crochet the Doll Arms (Make 2)

Make a magic ring

R1: sc 5 in magic ring

R2: inc 1, sc 1, inc 1, sc 2 (7 stitches)

R3: sc 3, make a 2 double crochet bobble stitch, sc 3 (7 stitches)

This bobble is your doll’s thumb.

R4-14 : sc all the way around (7 stitches)

Finish off, leaving a long thread for sewing. Note that the arms are not stuffed. If you want the doll to be pose-able (not recommended if making for a young child, but fine for older children), you may insert a pipe cleaner into the arm – be sure to form the ends into loops to discourage them from poking through.

Doll Legs Crochet Instructions (make 2)

Chain 4

R1: 2sc in second stitch from chain – catching only one loop from the stitch, 1 sc in next stitch (again catching only one loop), 3sc in third stitch (catching only one stitch), 1 sc in other half of the stitch that had 1 sc in original, 1sc in the other half of the stitch that the original 2scs from this row were stitched into. (8 stitches)

R2: inc 2, sc 2, inc 2, sc 2 (12 stitches)

R3: inc, sc, inc, sc 3, inc, sc, inc, sc 3 (16 stitches)

R4: sc all the way around (16 stitches)

If you want the doll to have flat feet, cut out a bit of plastic (the kind used for cross stitch works) in the shape of the foot base and insert here. You can also put poly pellets into the feet to weight them, if you like – this would help the doll sit up on its own.

R5: sc 7, invdec 4, sc 1 (12 stitches)

R6: sc 7, invdec 2, sc 1 (10 stitches)

stuff foot

R7: invdec 1, sc 4, invdec, sc 2 (8 stitches)

R8-16: sc all the way round. Finish off.

The feet are stuffed, but the legs are not. As with the arms, you can make the legs pose-able by inserting pipe cleaners, with ends looped into circles to prevent poking through. 


How to Finish Your Crocheted Doll

Sew ears, arms, and legs onto doll. See photo for guidance. weave in all loose ends.


Doll Dress Crochet Pattern

Starting with the skirt:

Chain 24; join with a slip stitch to form a loop.

R1: chain 1, sc in each stitch all the way round (24 stitches)

R2: chain 1, then dc in each stitch all the way round (24 stitches)

R3: sc all the way round (24 stitches)

R4: (sc 3, 3sc in fourth stitch) x6 (36 stitches)

R5: sc all the way round (36 stitches)

R6: (sc 5, inc 1) x6 (42 stitches)

R7: chain 2, skip one stitch, join with slip stitch to next stitch. Repeat all the way round to create a scalloped edge.

Finish off and weave in ends.


Dress top:

R1: Join at the right side of the front (four stitches out from the front center). sc 8 stitches. Note: If I have understood left-handed crochet correctly, you will want to join at the left side.

R2: ch 2, turn, dc in each stitch (8 stitches)

R3: ch 2, turn, dc in each stitch (8 stitches)


Dress straps:

ch 1, turn, sc 2. Repeat until you have a strap long enough to attach to the back of the skirt, crossing the back (there will be an X on the back when both straps are attached). 14 stitches was the best length for me, but this may vary depending how tightly you crochet.

Join with slip stitches to the far side of the back of the skirt.

Second strap:

Start at the opposite side of the dress top, join in corner, chain one, sc 2. Ch 1, turn, sc 2, and repeat the process until done.


The dress should stay in place nicely, while still being fairly easy to take on and off of the doll.

Give your doll to a child, and send them off adventuring!

MaryAnne at Mama Smiles
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MaryAnne is a craft loving educator, musician, photographer, and writer who lives in Silicon Valley with her husband Mike and their four children.

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  1. Dianne Wilkerson

    Thank you so much for sharing this pattern. I want to make dolls for children in the hospital. They will be given free of course. I can see the loving care you put into this pattern.

  2. I make hats, blankets, pillows,lap ghans and other items for patients along with a few others who have joined my cause, would it be okay to use you pattern as chemo buddies , i am a 3 time survivor and my 15yr old daughter was just diagnosed with cancer November 2014, during chemo/ radiation anything the kids handled becomes radioactive and has to be tossed, so i wanted to make dolls they can keep while they ar going through the treatments and call them chemo buddies of course i will give pattern design credit t you and include a link to this on the tag but we would like to call them chemo buddies and once the child is clear of radiation another one with hair they can keep want to call them Cancer heroes and your doll is perfect for this!! each child will receive 2 one with hair one with out

  3. Bonjour,votre poupée est superbe j’aimerai bien essayer de la faire,mais j’aimerai savoir le crochet de taille E correspond il en numéro,je pense du 3 ou 4 je ne suis pas sur merçi de me répondre et encore bravo pour votre modèle.

  4. Hello. The first Thank you for the pattern. I love it. I am making one but i have a problem in the R34: invdec 3. This creates the indentation for your doll’s bum. What do i do in the others sc for finish the round, English is not my first idiom. Thank you in avances

  5. I haVe finished my first doll. My first major project!!! Do you have any other patterns for clothes to fit??

  6. I love this doll! She is so cute! I am working on crocheting her, but I am having a bit of the problem with the legs. I am getting hung up on round 1, where you have to crochet back into the other side of the stitch. If you could give me advice, I would be very thankful! Thank you!

    1. Hi Autumn,

      I’m glad you like my doll! I changed the wording for that section a little bit – does it make more sense to you now? Let me know if not, and I’ll see what I can do to make it more clear!

  7. HI, I’d like to make a larger version, either holding 2 strands of ww yarn together or using bulking weight. Do you think it would turn out looking ok?

  8. Thanks, I’ll try,I just seem to have trouble with the closing of the ring. I’ll check out that web site.

    1. I find that I have a much easier time closing the ring if I put my crochet hook in the first stitch of the next row first (and leave the hook there as I pull the ring tight). It makes the tension stay put the way I need it. I hope you can work it out, because it’s a fantastic trick – good luck!

  9. the only problem for me is that I just don’t get the magic ring, I’ve tried and tried, just end up tying my fingers together. help :(

  10. awesome,they are cute and look easy enough for even me to do. looking forward to trying this. I have 4 small grandchildren. I think they would like them for Christmas.

  11. Such a happy doll and great job creating your own pattern. I am impressed! I might attempt this in the fall. It would make a great gift for the baby.

  12. This is adorable. I’m not sure I’ve ever followed a crochet pattern before though, I just kind of go. I think my stitches are all inside out and backwards anyway, but since I’ve never followed a pattern, it doesn’t really matter! Your doll is tempting though, the button nose is perfect.

    1. I did my stitches inside out for the longest time. This was my first time making something up, and it wasn’t as hard as I was expecting it to be!

  13. Elisa | blissfulE

    Amazing and gorgeous!!! I think that your moving stress has been channeled very productively. :) I agree with you, every child should have one of these, and I can see them being a special blessing for chemo patients. Bravo!!

  14. Can you make me one? Lol. Super cute doll. It’s actually bigger than I thought it was when I first saw it without your kids. That’s amazing you have time to do that, and I’m sure your little ones appreciate it.

  15. That is so awesome that you share this wonderful pattern freely. The doll turned out lovely, and it’s clear that Anna adores it already. Learning to crochet is on my list of things to do!

    1. I agree! Somehow that happens a lot when I make toys for the kids – the toys incorporate bits of their personality, or something :)

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