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All About Reading Review – Level 1 Reading Curriculum

Looking for a program to teach your child to read? This All About Reading review features a great multi-modal learning program for literacy development.

All About Reading review - level 1

My youngest daughter is the first of my children to not learn how to read entirely on her own. She’s in first grade, and while she can read and write a number of words, she isn’t a fluent reader. I was excited when Timberdoodle offered me the opportunity to review the All About Reading level 1 curriculum.

All About Reading Review – Level 1 Reading Curriculum

All About Reading Deluxe Curriculum Level 1

Anna loves hands-on learning, and I was intrigued by the multi-sensory component of All About Reading. The program uses word cards, stories, and magnetic letters to teach letters, sounds, and words. Even the worksheets have a motor component, like this cut-and-paste activity:

Teach your child to read with All About Reading

The lessons are fully scaffolded; you can even use the text in the teacher’s edition word for word and it sounds pretty natural. This was nice for me. I’ve raised four kids, and three of the four just learned to read intuitively. So teaching reading is all-new for me!

Multi modal literacy education with All About Reading

Anna loves to organize the lessons, and she enjoys nearly all of the activities. She’s also added a couple of her own, like this little notebook she likes to write words in.

All About Reading Literacy Curriculum review

She isn’t a fluid reader yet, but it’s still the beginning of the year and I do see progress. Most importantly, this is a reading program she enjoys!

Learn to read with All About Reading

Parents and children reading books together is such an important piece of developing literacy! I was thrilled to see that this program has children read as part of each lesson. Anna enjoys recording each book that we read on the list. She also enjoys recording her progress on the chart.

All About Reading Chart

I liked this program well enough that I ordered All About Spelling from the same company for my struggling speller 4th grader. She enjoyed that program so much that my 7th grader decided to join in on the lessons, since “sometimes I spell words wrong, too.”

More Favorite Literacy Activities

Here are some more things I do at home to promote reading:

Have you ever tried the All About Reading Program? What did you think? Share opinions, as well as any questions you have about our All About Reading review in the comments. You can also reach me by commenting on my Facebook page, or tagging me on Instagram

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