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Afterschooling, Two Months, and Creating Hope

At the suggestion of a blog friend, the Small Hands Creating Hope fundraiser for the American Cancer Society is open throughout the month of October in honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness month. One of the great tragedies of my childhood was watching my grandmother’s sister (who was like a bonus grandmother to me) lose her life to this particular cancer. Research has made a huge difference in life expectancy since then, but there is still so much to learn. Go to the Small Hands Creating Hope page to learn more about this project, or you can donate now using this button:

Donate to the American Cancer Society

We have raised $1,220 so far – Thank You!!!

two months old

My house is starting to look slightly neater, but for the most part, our family is still in the busy newborn phase. Anna turned two months old today, and we are all so grateful to have her as a part of our family. She charms and delights us with moments like this:

baby in the mirror

We enjoyed two afterschool outings this past week, but I’ll write about them later this week. The Afterschool Blog Hop is a place to share learning that happens in your home outside of school. What did you learn this week?

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11 thoughts on “Afterschooling, Two Months, and Creating Hope”

  1. Elisa | blissfulE

    The newborn phase can last a while… which has its plusses and minuses. I find it so helpful to think of life in seasons. Nothing is forever. Looking forward to reading about your afterschool outings!

  2. Kim @ The Educators' Spin On It

    Thanks for opening up this project again. There are great activities in it for families to support each other as they fight cancer.

  3. I love how you capture these special moments so beautifully in your photos. I have an Aunt who is going through chemo for breast cancer at the moment and I truly appreciate how dedicated you are to raising funds for cancer research.

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