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Afterschooling: Family Time


Our after school activity time this week focused on family! My kids really enjoyed spending time with my Grandma, aunt, cousins, and their second cousins (my cousin’s kids), as well as my sister and her family! We are still staying with my grandma, and the kids aren’t in school, although they are very happy to do a fair bit of schoolwork, in addition to multiple visits to the local library:


How was your week? What learning activities did you enjoy?

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Happy Afterschooling! :)

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12 thoughts on “Afterschooling: Family Time”

  1. Looks like everyone is having a blast! How wonderful to be able to stop over with family on your way West.

  2. Are you already settled in California? That’s awesome if your family is nearby your new home. Nothing better than having folks nearby (or at least driving distance) for company.

  3. Family is so so so important. We learn so much from our elders. Yeah, sometimes you have to filter through “the stuff”, you know. I have learned so many invaluable lessons. I still remember spending time with my grandmother – still hear the sounds, taste the pepper…lots and lots of pepper! Haha!

    Anyway, family time is so important, not only to kids growing up, but also for adults. Family love is like nothing else.

    Thanks for sharing.

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