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Afterschool Learning Linky

learning about hands

I feel like Anna learned the most of all of us this week, inside or outside of school! She is now an expert at admiring her hands, and smiling at Dad and everyone else:

smiling at Dad

She is also getting very good at riding in her stroller – we walked Emma to school every single day this week! It’s about a mile each way, and takes about an hour total walking at three-year-old Lily’s pace.

Emma portrait

I got to spend some time with Emma’s teacher thanks to curriculum night! She has a truly phenomenal first grade teacher, and it shows with how happy Emma is after school every day, and how easy it is for her to tell me what happened that day!

Johnny portrait

We had an “adventure” with Johnny this week when he suddenly collapsed with severe stomach pains. When it didn’t go away, I called the doctor who sent us straight to the ER. There they ran every test they could think of, but never did find out what was wrong. He’s fine now, and quite enjoyed the latter end of his emergency room stay since he got to watch TV and was giving a Playmobil figurine and some play dough to keep. Here’s hoping it never happens again!

Lily portrait

Lily tells me all about preschool every day! She is making friends and is starting to talk during preschool instead of just talking before and after preschool!

Anna portrait

How was your week?

afterschool linky

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18 thoughts on “Afterschool Learning Linky”

  1. Kim @ The Educators Spin On It

    Thinking about Johnny and hoping that his tummy never ever feels that way again, it can be so scary sitting in the ER. As always amazing photos of your children, I’m sure you have it on your blog but I would love to know what type of camera you use. I’m trying to find a new one for my birthday in October :)

    1. Hi Kim, I use the Canon 7D with this lens – and recently got a prime lens to go with it. It’s a big investment, but the photos are amazing. It also takes video (video works best in tripod mode – for family outing videos our little Canon works better in my opinion), and does well in low light.

  2. Emma looks unbelievably grown up in the picture with the flower in her hair! I’m so glad to hear she has such a great teacher :)

  3. Oh no, poor Johnny! I’m sorry to hear about your “adventure.” J gets awful stomach pains too. It’s so scary and heartbreaking when it happens, but with J’s it’s usually over rather quickly. Hope it was a one and done deal for you guys.

  4. We had a similar stomach experience with Reagan a while ago. I think it was just gas pain, but it was scary.

    We like to walk to school too (it’s only a ten minute walk for us), but Collin and Reagan like to take the bus sometimes because they think it’s fun! I think it’s ridiculous that we even have a bus since the school is so close!

    Nice pictures.

  5. Oh poor Johnny! And poor you! That must have been so scary. Hoping with you that it never recurs.

    LOVE the portraits of your beautiful children.

  6. Poor Johnny! I’m glad he’s better and they didn’t find anything. Still it makes you wonder what was going on.

    Sweet pics of all of the kids. I love that first one of Anna checking out her hand. Isn’t it just the most amazing thing to watch a baby grow and learn?!

    1. Yes! I was thrilled nothing was wrong, but wish they had some explanation for what happened… He has a cough this morning (started yesterday), so maybe it was a strange way to start off a virus?

  7. That is so cute about Anna! That picture is amazing!

    Hope Johnny is okay!!!

    Great walk you’re doing! I want to start doing a good long walk everyday : )

  8. We had something similar happen once with one of the boys. They ran all sorts of tests only to tell me they had no idea. Then suddenly he was feeling better.

  9. So sorry to hear about Johnny’s trip to the ER. What a scary interruption to what otherwise sounds like a really lovely week.

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