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After School Learning for Kids: Build a Nest

bird nest building

We thoroughly enjoyed watching this Bewick’s Wren (if my bird identification skills are correct) build a nest in the bird house we have on our little patio this past week! Unfortunately, it disappeared partway through the week, so I’m wondering if it decided that my kids were a little loud. It also kept trying to use sticks that were really too large to fit into the house, so that may have convinced it to go nesting elsewhere, also. I did some more research on Bewick’s Wrens, and apparently the male will start to build several different nests. The female then picks her favorite and adds the finishing touches. Sounds like a good arrangement to me!

The rest of our week was very mellow. The weather was unbelievably summer-ish, so we spent most of our free time outside, especially playing in the sandbox in our housing complex. I wish I could send a little of our sunshine to our friends in Massachusetts! We went on our usual open space outing on Friday afternoon, and the kids enjoyed running around playing tag and hide and go seek. We are all looking forward to spring break, soon!

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What fun and educational after school activities did your family enjoy this week? Please share you elementary school aged activities in the linky below (by doing so you are giving the linky hosts permission to feature your post and to pin it to our After School Activities board on Pinterest). I’ve had math on my mind with Pi Day, and I loved this multiplication facts printable from Teach Beside Me from last week’s shares!

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22 thoughts on “After School Learning for Kids: Build a Nest”

  1. Natalie PlanetSmartyPants

    How cool to be able to observe nesting birds. I keep hoping that someone will decide to nest in our backyard, but no luck yet.

  2. You and your readers come up with the coolest activities. For us it was just play dough lol.

    I love your birdhouse by the way! So, so beautiful. Our “birdhouse” is the potted plant that I’ve had to move because the birds were turning it into a nest (not exactly what I had in mind for the plant).

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