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Online Film Acting Class for Teens

Looking for a way for teens to build their acting skills through an online class? Read this review of Film Acting 4 Teens and see if it’s a good fit.

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Acting 4 the screen

Disclosure: I’m a member of Timberdoodle’s blogger review team, and they sent me this product to review. I did not request or receive any other compensation, and all opinions are my own.

Acting 4 the Screen Online Course for Teens Review

Teen film acting course

Like many teens, my three teenagers find acting interesting, and they all enjoy watching movies. So we happily agreed to review Acting 4 the Screen, which Timberdoodle includes in their 12th grade curriculum kit.

Screen acting course for teens

The course is very well organized, with video lessons followed by assignments to build skills.

Online film acting course for teens

The course creators clearly did their homework, identifying popular actors that students will identify with to teach different elements of the course.

acting course for homeschool

Tom Holland as Spiderman for Empathy.

film acting course

Emma Watson as Hermione for Energy.

course to become a screen actor

And Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter for energy, to give a few examples.

I’ve never taken a screen acting class, but I was a pretty big drama geek in high school. The content in this course seems pretty legitimate to me.

What Did We Like?

We liked the organization, the thoughtfulness of the lessons, and the work put into making the course culturally relevant to this generation of kids.

What Would We Change?

Acting is a pretty social endeavor, and it’s hard to make it work in the context of an online course that doesn’t allow for interpersonal interaction. The thoroughness of the course meant that my teens quickly realized how much work actually studying acting technique requires, and only one of them (my 8th grader) stuck with the course.

What’s Our Verdict on this Acting Course for Teens?

The content in this course is solid. We recommend it to a teen who is highly motivated to learn the craft of screen acting. We also recommend it for a teen who tends to do well with online classes who is generally interested in the craft. Socially motivated teens and teens who struggle with online learning might do better with a textbook (or maybe just the workbook that comes as a course download?) and lots of practice time behind the camera.

Have you tried this Acting 4 the Screen course for teens? What did you think?

online acting course for teens

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