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A Post About Babies

meeting a new cousin

Thursday we had an unexpected snow day AND three healthy kids for the first time in a long time, so I seized the moment (and a lull in the storm) to take the kids to meet their newest cousin!

My kids were charmed. They were beyond thrilled to hold him, and Emma even got to help feed him a bottle!

meeting a new cousin

Johnny was particularly impressed by Baby S’s “teeny little ears”. He brought an entire stack of drawings to show to the newest boy in the family!

meeting a new cousin

I love Baby S’s expression in this photo. It’s almost as if he’s asking, “Mom, are you sure this particular cousin is old enough to hold me?” Lily did great, with help – and talked about Baby S for a good half hour before falling asleep. She was particularly fascinated by his “teeny tiny hands”, and the little duck faces on the feet of his sleeper! =)

As for our baby, we had an ultrasound yesterday, that showed a healthy, very active baby. A baby set on staying in a particular position – for an hour and a half! Not the position the ultrasound technician needed for a fair number of the images they wanted. So we’ll be back to finish the ultrasound on Monday, when hopefully we’ll also find out the gender!

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21 thoughts on “A Post About Babies”

  1. Those pictures are so cute and I love Baby S expression. For T’s scan I had to go and walk around the hospital for half an hour to try and get her to move into a posiition to finish the scan. She moved… but into an even worse position! Back a week later with lots of chocolate eatten… and she wouldn’t stay still

  2. I bet Lily can’t wait to become a big sister. It’s great they are all so happy and excited. Great pictures too.

    1. She is very excited – although, I think she was a little surprised at just how much smaller her new cousin was than her! She is used to being the smallest =)

  3. Elisa | blissfulE

    Sweet photos!! I love how gentle and interested your kids are. Great prep for their upcoming sibling. :)

  4. What gorgeous, precious photos. Your children are such naturals with a new born. They are going to make such wonderful older siblings.

    When I was having the girls they suggested I do star jumps so they would change positions – worked for Savvy, not for Taleea! Wishing you all the best with your scan tomorrow.

    1. We are all very excited! And boy is the most common guess – we’ll see if the majority guessed right tomorrow, hopefully!

  5. Those are sweet pictures! Before you go for your appointment, have some gummy bears or something. That worked for my sister.

  6. “Mom, are you sure this particular cousin is old enough to hold me?” – Ha, love that! Can’t wait to find out what you’re having!

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