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A coat for a Princess

Emma models her new fleece coat (with some help from Lily)

Emma would make the perfect lead for a production of The Princess and the Pea. It’s a fairytale I remember finding ridiculous as a child, but now it is thoroughly believable! Emma has come a long ways from the days when we took her everywhere in her pajamas because they were all she would wear, but warm clothing remains a struggle. She understands that she can’t leave the house without long sleeves and tights or long pants, but we were stuck on coats. When she was shivering while carrying her coat instead of wearing it in 16F (-9C) weather “because it made noise”, I knew I needed to get creative. So we went to the fabric store, and she picked out this pattern. I created a simplified adaptation, added patch pockets instead of the inset ones found in the pattern, and cut it out of some fleece remnants I had in my fabric stash. The new coat is fully reversible, has no fasteners (as decreed by Her Royal Highness), and is completely silent – as Emma commented happily as soon as she put it on. And she is wearing it! Friday was another cold day, and as we took Johnny to speech therapy she was so happy and grateful to have a coat she could stand to wear to stay warm!

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17 thoughts on “A coat for a Princess”

  1. Wow, you’re so talented in your sewing skills and SOOOO creative with your ideas on something Emma would wear! Amazing!!!

  2. Elisa | blissfulE

    What a terrific solution! Emma looks so pleased.

    I am completely in awe of your sewing skills. Fully reversible!!

    Hurrah for a happy warm girl and her talented mama. :)

  3. Andrea @ The Train To Crazy

    Good work Mama!! I love the colors! And I find it hilarious she didn’t want fasteners. My kids won’t walk two steps if their coats aren’t zipped all the way to the top!

  4. Sounds like there are winners all round with your wonderful creation. What a perfect coat that looks adorable, is obviously comfortable and versatile. Nothing beats mummy made with love.

  5. Oh Mary Anne! You did an AMAZING job on Emma’s coat!! I LOVE it! I know you are proud of her for wearing it, and I know she is very thankful to have such a comfortable coat. How special that you made it for her too.

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