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9th Grade Homeschool Curriculum Recommendations

Everything you need to create a well rounded 9th grade homeschool curriculum: English, math, history, science, art, and more.

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9th grade homeschool curriculum

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Johnny’s 9th Grade Homeschool Curriculum

This fall I needed a pretty compact 9th grade curriculum, because we were traveling. Thanks to modern technology and a lot of research, I found some great options.

9th Grade Homeschool Art Curriculum

We’re going with a pretty unstructured art curriculum this year. Johnny has a sketchbook that he draws whatever he likes in. He also enjoys designing 3D with LEGO bricks – a nice STEM art activity.

9th Grade Homeschool English Curriculum

I find some sort of social interaction helpful for English class, especially for older children, so I signed Johnny up for an Outschool English class. He didn’t love the class we picked, but he did complete the writing and reading assignments! Actually, he quite enjoyed the live classes, but found the homework a bit stressful. So next time round I think I would still go with Outschool (or something similar), but look for a teacher more focused on the joy of learning.

We also used Khan Academy’s 9th Grade Reading & Vocabulary course for additional language practice.

9th Grade Homeschool Curriculum: History

We spent the fall in Europe, which is full of fascinating history. We read and talked about the different sites, and Johnny even helped create road trip itineraries to visit different sites.

9th grade history in California is World History. He got a great dose of the Europe side of that in the fall, including bits of how the British Empire impacted (and continues to impact) other parts of the world. This was paired with the Khan Academy World History Project – 1750 to the Present course.

I take a hands on approach to history wherever possible, and we’ll use a combination of fiction and non-fiction books, movies, documentaries, and – especially – first person documents where I can find them. PBS Learning has some amazing resources, along with Teaching History and these History Channel study guides.

9th Grade Math Curriculum

We’re using the Art of Problem Solving Geometry curriculum. It is a very thorough, and, sometimes, pretty tough curriculum. My son is pretty into math and worked his way through it. The explanations in the solutions manual are also very helpful for parents (like me!) who are rusty on Geometry proofs.

9th Grade Science Curriculum

We stuck with the Khan Academy NGSS High School Biology course for science this year. I’m looking for good hands-on high school biology experiments to try, so please share recommendations if you have them!

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Homeschool Curriculum Recommendations for Other Grades

Are you homeschooling several different ages? Here are some of my other homeschool curriculum recommendations:

What are your favorite 9th grade homeschool curriculum resources?

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4 thoughts on “9th Grade Homeschool Curriculum Recommendations”

  1. I know Apologia has some good experiments in their Biology curriculum.
    I’ve also got a post on a group that will do the labs for you (it’s a mini-retreat to go do the labs). The year we were doing the sciences related to their labs was COVID, so I didn’t even try it, but it intrigued me as a way to do the labs with better equipment than I have. I’d have to look up their name.

  2. I bet Johnny (and all of you) really enjoyed seeing the places in Europe that are described in the history books. Your kids are pretty lucky to be able to really immerse themselves in a life different from the one here in the US! Will he now jump back into a regular school for the second half of the 9th grade?

    1. Yes, he’s back in our local public school for the rest of the year. So far the transition seems pretty smooth, although his geography class here uses a few different terms from the book we used so there is some “translation” to do.

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