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7 Mindful Morning Routine Habits for Happy Families

Mornings can be so stressful for families! Make the most of family time and keep the peace with these 7 mindful morning routine habits from Shalaka Ohatker.

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7 morning routine tips for families

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How to Set a Family Friendly Morning Routine

For a long time, juggling my family and professional life and perfecting a mindful morning routine seemed like a monumental feat I never thought I could achieve.

That said, with so much hype around setting a daily routine, I wanted to give it a try. Maybe it would bring us closer as a family and strengthen our bond. I searched for a routine that fit our lifestyle, unique personalities, and of course, unforeseen challenges.

Since the routine was for my family and not simply an individual goal, I wasn’t going to rush it or force any idea on my kids or my partner. I wanted to take it slow, let each of us get acclimated at our own pace, and find activities that bring joy and make us look forward to our days with more hope and excitement. 

Know this: no perfect morning routine exists. Getting a routine to work requires trial and error. Eventually, you’ll discover the one that makes sense in your life, motivates you, and aligns with your priorities. And, let’s not forget, heightens your productivity.

Yes, with a few hiccups, I did find one that fits perfectly into my life and I want to share it with you. Take your favorite parts of my list, and build your own perfect-for-you morning routine.

1. Set A To-Do List For Each Member Of The Family 

While this may seem drab, it’s an incredibly useful exercise most of us know of, but very few practice. Planning your tasks and prioritizing them is a great way to manage your time, especially with a hectic schedule and unforeseen events striking just when you least expect them.

So, get everyone to begin jotting down their daily to-do activities in a notebook or planner and strike them out once they’re accomplished. Consider setting monthly goals to stay focused on what matters most all year round.

2. Learn Something Together

Research suggests that a few fun and challenging games to start the day are a great way to stimulate the brain cells.

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Gardening, knitting and crochet, playing a musical instrument, solving math or word problems or puzzles can build quality time to de-stress from the everyday rush.

As you learn together, you practice communicating with each other. This helps maintain calm throughout the day. 

3. Unleash Your Creativity With Art And Craft

It may not be everyone’s cup of tea to get up and go out for a run. In my home, everyone loves their peace as they rise and shine. Since the whole day keeps us caught up in myriad activities, we’ve planned at least a few minutes of our morning schedule for something creative and therapeutic.

Creativity is great for adults as well as young minds! Creative activities train your brain to improve cognitive function. With a host of brain-enriching benefits of art activities for kids and teens — like sketching, painting, doodling, and even mandala art — art is a worthwhile piece of your morning routine.

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4. Have A Quick Dance Workout With The Kids To Your Favorite Song Playlist 

Once the morning blues have settled down, you can indulge in any form of physical activity like a dancing workout with your kids.

Music and dance positively impact our moods and memory. Together, they improve balance and gait. They activate our sensory and motor circuits.

Dance as a form of exercise keeps the stiffness of muscles away, improves blood supply in the body, and boosts serotonin, that stress-busting, happy hormone.

Just a few minutes of engaging in an enjoyable dance session or playing music games can set your day off to a refreshing start!

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5. Make Time for Heart To Heart Conversations

In my opinion, the best thing about a mindful family morning routine is that it creates a space for open communication.

Speak to each other about your dreams, everyday struggles. Support each other as you work through minor issues in the day.

As conversations deepen and trust builds, your children and even you and your partner will feel more secure, confident, and safe. Soon, you’ll notice a change in the way you reason and relate with family members.

6. Plan Your Meals Together

Planning and cooking your meals together is a great way to pick up mindful eating habit. If your children are picky eaters already, learning to cook simple meals can build their independence, teach them a thing or two about nutrition, and also design a delicious menu everyone will love to eat.

You can also plan together so that everyone’s happy about what goes on their plates. This minimizes your stress and pressure around creating healthy meals everyone will eat.

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7. Keep a Gratitude List

Last but not least, ground yourself, center your thoughts, and practice some self-reflection to build and nurture healthy emotions in your home.

Practicing gratitude each day for every blessing in your life is a beautiful practice that elevates your sense of peace and happiness.

Keeping a gratitude list brings contentment while nurturing compassion and empathy for others. The earlier your kids learn the art of gratitude, the better relationships they build over time.

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Final Thoughts as You Build Your Own Family Morning Routine

It’s okay to begin with small steps, but consistency is critical, just like most good habits.

Avoid the urge to overdo or force yourself and others to commit to something there’s no intrinsic passion for.

A mindful morning routine is meant to become part of you and your family, something everyone will carry with themselves throughout their lives. So, pick one thing to start, maybe your favorite from my list. Each step brings you closer to a healthy and fulfilling life.

What are your top tips for establishing a morning routine?

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