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5 Ways to Simplify Life With Small Children

Are you a parent of small children looking to simplify life to reduce stress? Use this list of 5 ways to simplify life with small children.

Simplify your family life

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How to Simplify Life with Small Children

Being a parent is an incredibly demanding job, and that becomes even more apparent as your children reach toddlerhood and beyond. 

If your New Year’s resolution this year was to simplify life to reduce stress, then we’re here to save the day!

1. Use a calendar to Simplify Family Plans

tips to simplify life with children

School parent and teacher meetings, doctor’s appointments, extracurriculars; need we go on? The list of things you’re called to keep track of as a parent seems endless.

If you think to yourself, What will simplify life?” when it comes to organizing your days, then the answer is very simple: a calendar. Be it a digital or physical one, it will help you stay on top of things, at all times!

2. Get serious about meal planning

prep meals and simplify your life with young children

It may sound tedious, or you may think that you simply don’t have enough time, but hear us out: meal planning is a real game changer. It will save you time, money, and give you the peace of mind knowing that you have each day’s meals prepped ahead of time. 

This strategy applies for when you are looking to simplify life with baby, too! Make sure to check out the best baby bottle warmers to be able to prepare your baby’s milk at the right temperature, when the need arises.

If you’re still being skeptical, we also have to point out that meal prepping has proven to have a lot of health benefits, too, so why not try it out for your family?

3. Do regular cleanups

Simplify life to be more responsible

Let’s face it: doing thorough, days-long house cleaning is a thing of the past. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why you may feel like you’re not doing enough to keep your house clean, but we have a solution for you that will almost miraculously simplify life at home: frequent, small cleaning sessions!

This essentially means to clean up after yourself each time you’re done with something, be it eating or taking a bath. You’ll be also setting an amazing example for your little one, who will grow up knowing how easy it is to keep tidy, with seemingly little effort!

4. Invest in toy bins and other storage solutions

Simplify parenting young kids

Kids have lots of toys, and storing them can be a hassle. Walking into their room after a long play session can be a grueling experience as you get to witness every little play thing strewn all over the floor.

A smart tip on how to simplify life with toddler is to purchase bins and storage containers of various sizes in order to keep your home neat and tidy. Just toss everything that’s on the floor in them to speed up the tidying process, and you’re set!

5. Teach Children Self-sufficiency 

Simplify your life by raising self sufficient children

This is not only something that will help simplify life, but’s it’s also a great life skill that your kids will be thankful you taught them so early and so well. Instilling the idea of fending for themselves for basic things and not relying on you for every little thing will pay off greatly in the long run.

You can start by showing your kids that they are fully capable of doing things like pouring themselves a glass of water, packing their lunch or picking their outfit for the day. As they get older, you can add more tasks and chores that will not only simplify life for both you and them, but that will also feel greatly rewarding, too.

Simplify Life to Relax and Enjoy Parenting

learn to simplify so you can enjoy life with your kids

Your quest to simplify life may feel hard, but you’re not alone. All parents are doing their best, and, judging by the fact that you took the time to read this article, it seems that you’re already trying your hardest, too.

So relax, try to enjoy time with your kids as much as you can, and remember: a little mess is not all too bad, because, at the end of the day, that’s not what your kids will remember from their childhood, but rather the precious time they spent with you.

Let us know in the comments: what are your tips to simplify life?

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  1. Have your kids clean up toys as part of their process of playing. Do this on playdates. It will win over the parents of the playdate child and it will also help with the mess that gets created during a playdate.

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