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Anna’s 4 Year Old Birthday Party – Princess Crafts and Activities

Fun princess crafts and activities for a 4-year-old birthday party. Simple ideas that are sure to be a hit with the birthday girl and her friends.

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Anna is already five, but sometimes I get way behind on photo editing! So today you get Anna’s four-year-old birthday party, from way back in 2016. This princess birthday party was full of easy activities that kids love, and I decided it was high time I dug the photos out of my drafts folder!

Princess Crafts and Activities from Anna’s Fourth Birthday Party

Decorate simple princess crowns.

Most four-year-old girls are fascinated by princesses and all that glitters. We bought these simple foam crowns, and had the kids decorate them with stick-on jewels, foam stickers, and fabric stickers. Lots of happy little girls with minimal effort.

4-year-old birthday party treasure boxes

We used the same stick-on jewels, foam stickers, and fabric stickers to decorate small treasure boxes. Some of the kids also used our crayons and washable markers.

Make a monster - a party activity that appeals to all ages and genders.

Princesses sometimes encounter monsters. Sometimes princesses even are monsters! This easy monster making activity appealed to the boys and tomboys in the group. Model magic is easy and fun, and googley eyes stick to it beautifully. We’ve done this activity at a few birthday parties now; you can see some of the monster’s Emma’s friends made at her nine-year-old birthday party.

We build a tall tower out of DUPLO bricks at every birthday party we hold!

Building a tall tower out of DUPLO bricks is a popular activity at all our birthday parties. We didn’t quite reach the ceiling at this party, but we have at some of our other parties.

4-Year-Old Birthday Party Food

Decorating cupcakes is one of our all-time favorite birthday party activities

We kept the food SUPER simple for this party: cupcakes and water! The kids seemed perfectly content with the arrangement.

Cupcake decorating is another popular birthday party activity in our house. Individual cups of frosting and m&ms keep things simple and calm while helping with clean-up. Read my cupcake decorating party post for my top tips for making this activity a success, as well as our favorite cupcake recipe.

4-year-old birthday party - princess crafts and activities

Anna loves art, so she made her own birthday party welcome banner. I think it would be  pretty amazing to have a dress like the ones she designed for this poster!

And there you have it, a party so simple that my kids did all the set-up and the party ran itself. Birthday parties can be fun without being super expensive and stressful.

We love throwing simple, no-stress birthday parties! You can find all of our birthday party ideas here. What princess birthday party activities would you add to our list? Share ideas in the comments below, or on my Facebook page. You can also tag me on Instagram. 

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