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3D Printing Robots: 3Doodler Robosumo Review

3Doodler’s new Robosumo kit is a fun way to introduce kids to robotics. The kit allows children to try 3D printing robots. Learn more about the 3Doodler Start pen we used for this project. It’s a fantastic 3D printing tool that is safe for children ages 6. The 3Doodler Start pen uses low temperature filament so that even the 3D printing tip is safe to touch!

3D printing robots

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3D Printing Robots with the 3Doodler Robosumo Kit

Living in tech-focused Silicon Valley, our family has gotten to try several different 3D printing devices over the years! We reviewed the 3Doodler Start last year, alongside the 3Doodler Create+. We also own a 3D printer that my 13-year-old bought using a grant that she successfully applied for last fall.

I appreciate different devices for different reasons. The 3Doodler Start is my absolute favorite way to introduce children to 3D printing. It also sees the most day to day use in our home. Its low temperature design means that even my six-year-old can design with this pen with minimal supervision from me.

This summer 3Doodler asked if I was interested in reviewing their new 3Doodler Start Robosumo kit. Knowing how much my kids loved their other 3Doodler projects, I said of course!

 Foundation of Robotics & Prototyping

What is In the 3Doodler Robosumo Kit?

3Doodler's new RoboSumo Start kit

The 3Doodler Robosumo kit is a great starter set if you are new to 3D printing your own toys! It comes with the pen, two bot motors, and everything you need to customize your Robobots.

How to Make a 3Doodler 3D Printed Robosumo Robot

intro to 3D printing and robotics for kids

Create your robots using the molds to shape different robot parts. The kit comes with a bunch of different robots you can use as inspiration.

Making robots with 3Doodler

Give your creations a minute or so to cool before popping them out of the mold. Then use the 3D printing plastic as glue to attach them to your bot.

Making robots with 3Doodler

Or are your more of a free spirit? You can take Lily’s approach and simply create pieces directly on the robot motor.

3D printing for kids

The 3Doodler Start plastic remains pliable for a few seconds after it comes out of the pen, so you can even mold it like play dough.

3Doodler Robosumo review

You can even freestyle pieces that you will later attach to the robot! Note that, while our countertop is fine when you 3D print directly on it, you will want to test a spot before doing this at home. You can also 3D print onto parchment paper or a silicone baking mat.

If you don’t like how your robot turns out, you can pull pieces off and start over. Remember, it’s all about creativity and having fun!

safe 3D printing for kids

Your imagination is the limit when 3D printing these robots! Check out some of the ones designed at 3Doodler!

3Doodler Robosumo Creations

Of course, once your robots are done it’s time to set up a robosumo challenge! Which robot will win?

3Doodler robosumo 3D printed robots

Well, that was a no contest 3D printed robot challenge…

We discovered that we can also use our 3Doodler hexbugs in Robosumo challenges, although they tend to not perform as well as the official Robosumo creations because of their motor design.

We need to fine tune our designs, since our robots didn’t perform as well as those in the 3Doodler gif above!

More 3D Printing Fun for Kids

In addition to Robosumo, 3Doodler is announcing another fun 3Doodler Start kit: Alphadoods! Instead of robots, these are characters that you customize into moving action figures.

3Doodler Alphadoods

You can create several different faces for each character, making them perfect for stop motion animation!

Note that the Alphadoods kit is an extension kit, meaning that in order to create anything you would need to buy a 3Doodler Start pen separately. The Robosumo set that we reviewed does come with the pen, so you could start with 3D printed sumo robots and then move on to this set!

Have you tried 3D printing robots yet?

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