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3D Paper Christmas Tree Paper Craft Tutorial with Printable

This simple Papercraft Christmas tree paper craft doubles as a fun Geometry lesson for kids! Looking for more fun winter and Christmas themed paper crafts? Try our snowman papercraft!

Christmas tree papercraft

3D Christmas Tree Papercraft

This 3D Christmas tree papercraft makes a wonderful STEM Christmas activity for kids! It’s a fun companion to these DIY Light-up Christmas cards!

Fun Christmas papercraft for kids

These trees are super easy to use! Simply download the template at the end of this post, print, fold, and cut!

You can print your tree out on green paper like we did, or print on white paper and then color with crayons or markers or paint before cutting out your tree.

This activity took a lot of concentration for eight-year-old Emma (there is a simpler version at the end of this post for younger children who want to participate.

Printable STEAM Christmas activity for kids.

The lines are easy to cut for the first fold, but the more cuts you make, the less stable the paper becomes. I helped her hold the two layers together for the final cuts. This is great fine motor practice for older kids!

STEAM Christmas papercraft for kids

The final product is really neat! Besides transforming from a flat sheet of paper into a tree, it bounces up and down nicely like a spring. That was Emma’s favorite part!

Papercraft Christmas Tree Printables

I first learned how to make this neat 3D paper Christmas tree from the mom of a girl in Lily’s kindergarten class. I had never seen anything like it! My friend makes them just by guessing the distances, but I found that hard to do the first few times, at least, so I deconstructed it into a printable for you to try!

Christmas tree craft

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We printed ours on green paper to give it a tree-like appearance. You fold along the dotted lines, printed side out. Unfold the paper between each fold – this will help give the finished product a tree-like shape, so be sure to make the folds even if you opt for an X-ACTO knife for the actual cutting (not recommended for kids).

After seeing how difficult this craft was for Emma, I made a simplified version for younger kids to try:

easy christmas tree paper craft for kids

The shape is not as tree-like. I think we will print it out on gold paper next time to make a bell!

Our friend makes them out of foil, which means they are brilliantly shiny! Have you ever seen a craft like this?

What are your favorite Christmas crafts for kids? We would love to see photos if you make this Christmas tree papercraft!

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    What patience!
    Our Christmas season is even busier than usual. Much fun & learning but not a lot of time for Christmas Crafts. Hopefully we’ll have time to do some baking for friends and family.

  2. Elisa | blissfulE

    I hadn’t seen a 3D tree craft out of a single sheet of paper like that. How clever of you to deconstruct it so the rest of us could give it a try. I’m also impressed at Emma’s cutting skills… even as an adult that much precision would be a challenge I think.

  3. almostunschoolers

    Thanks for the printable versions – these are great! I think you’re right, the smaller version would make a beautiful bell.

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