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25+ Boy Approved Summer Activity For Kids Ideas

Over 25 boy-approved summer activity for kids ideas selected from some of my favorite blogs. Of course, girls can enjoy all of these activities as well!

Boy-approved summer fun for kids. Of course, girls will enjoy these activities as well!

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As the only boy with three sisters, my son sometimes feels (justifiably, at times) that the girls rule the house. I polled my blog friends for their top summer activity for kids ideas that might appeal to 8-12-year-old boys. Then I went through the list with my son and had him down-select the activities he truly loved. We scheduled them through the summer and are sharing them today. I hope your kids love them as well!

Boy Approved Summer Activity For Kids Ideas

Flying a kite is one of our favorite summer activities, but here are some fantastic ideas you can do closer to home.

STEM and STEAM summer learning for kids.

Engineering Summer Fun for Kids

boy approved summer fun for kids

Balancing Themed Summer Fun for Kids

summer kids' activities - boy approved

STEM Summer Fun for Kids

fun kids' learning activities

Exploratory Summer Fun for Kids

Fine Motor Summer Activity for Kids Ideas

Even More Boy-Approved Activities

Here are some activities that were added after I published the post – ideas my son came up with as well as recommendations from readers (thank you!)

Do you have more ideas? Please let us know!

Summer fun for kids boys approve

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  1. I can’t believe that summer is just around the corner, time does fly. You have a lot of great ideas here that I’m going to save – I always liked flying a kite (and still do) but the balancing games are new to me and look to be both educational and fun. Thanks for sharing!

  2. My daughter feels much like your son, and laments the lack of sisters quite often. We see a lot of these types of activities going on at my house.

  3. Natalie PlanetSmartyPants

    So many great ideas here. I am sure Johnny will be a happy boy this summer :)

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