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2022 Word of the Year and January Goals

My 2022 word of the year, plus January goals (for setting monthly goals all year round). Plus, discover a tool to help you choose your word.

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2022 word of the year

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Choosing My 2022 Word of the Year

Every year, I choose a word of the year. I use my word of the year generator, but I don’t always choose the first word that comes up. This year I went through seven rounds before settling on the seventh word, heal.

I like heal for 2022. Life has been crazy for most of the world these past couple of years, and I do hope that the end of the pandemic and everything it brought is in sight.

In my own home, there have been additional stressors, but I think that’s true for most people lately! So maybe heal works in homes beyond mine.

2022 word of the year: heal

Before I got to heal, the generator chose habit, persist, purpose, work, encourage, and build. I think those could all make good stepping stones towards healing, and I’ll use them as focal points for the monthly goals I set this year.

Setting Monthly Goals

First, Let’s Look Back at December 2021

I made it through all of my December goals, mainly because they were things that were mostly happening already!

I missed a couple of days of swimming, but overall did well. We should have signed up for skating tickets early, because they were sold out all of winter break so we didn’t get to do that.

My Linus mystery quilt challenge quilt top is done, and I even sandwiched it and started quilting it today! Anna finished her sewing projects. Emma and Lily are still partway through.

I enjoyed going to one Johnny’s basketball games and his choir concert. I wish I could have gone to more games, but there were conflicts for the others. Luckily basketball season isn’t over yet!

Christmas celebrations were lovely, but less focused than previous years. I think everyone was just really tired, myself included.

We played Exit escape room type board game (single use). The kids liked it enough that we will do more. We also played Ticket to Ride, Twister Ultimate, and Q-bitz. We watched some Christmas movies. Lily and Anna had a bunch of tea parties.

It was a wonderful break, and now it’s back to reality.

Now for January 2022 Goals

January 2022 monthly goals

Here are my January goals. I’m using the six words the random word generator gave me before “heal” as the focus words (habit, persist, purpose, work, encourage, build):

  • Finish my Linus mystery quilt challenge quilt. I just need to finish quilting it and then I need to bind it. Should be very doable. Focus: persist
  • Keep swimming and ice skating. These are fun ways to stay in shape, and I also enjoy the meditative nature of both activities. Focus: habit, and build
  • Keep helping my girls with their sewing project. Focus: encourage
  • Go to as many of Johnny’s basketball games as I can. Focus: encourage
  • Focus more on blogging. It fell to the wayside out of necessity for a lot of 2021, but I should have time to work on it more in 2022. Focus: work
  • Organize my closet. Such an annoying but necessary task. Fortunately I can work on the closet in part because I’ve solved some of the other house organization issues (for now, at least). Focus: purpose

Did you choose a word of the year for 2022? What is it? What are your goals for this month?

choosing a 2022 word of the year

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  1. I love your word of the year! You’re so right, a lot of us need healing.
    Your December sounds much like ours, busier and not what you really expected, but overall good.

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