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2020 November Goals

I love monthly goals for getting organized and mindfully setting priorities. Here are my 2020 November Goals.

setting monthly goals

It’s hard for me to believe that 2020 is almost over. True, January feels like a lifetime ago. But in my head it is also still April, or maybe May.

The kids and I did go on a road trip at the end of October. We met up with my sister and celebrated Halloween with her family. It was really great to see her – we hadn’t seen any family since we went to Boston in December.

Life also felt a lot more normal with the cousins playing together all day every day.

Now we are back home, back to remote work and remote school, at least through the end of the school year. As simple as these monthly goals are, I really appreciate the way they help me think about my personal priorities while prioritizing things I want to get done.

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How Did I do on October 2020 Goals?

I finished the top of Emma’s quilt well before the end of the month. Today I created a quilt sandwich that is temporarily glued together with temporary fabric adhesive. Now I need to quilt it and bind it.

I did not publish my tween face mask tutorial. We’ll see if I can do that in November.

I did vote, visit my sister, and throw a Harry Potter themed party for the kids on Halloween. It was fun! I was grateful for a very clean and quiet Airbnb, especially since my two older kids had to keep up with their distance learning classes while we were traveling.

I barely edited photos, but I did make some progress.

2020 November Goals

Setting Goals for November 2020

There is some stressful stuff happening in my life that I will hopefully be able to explain by early December, so November goals are going to be simple.

  • Enjoy Thanksgiving. We’ll be home, and we’ll probably keep it pretty simple. Focus area: gratitude
  • Edit photos, even if it is just a few again. Focus area: gratitude
  • Quilt and bind Emma’s quilt. Focus area: mindfulness, maybe education if I decide to quilt it on my embroidery sewing machine. Tryin to decide, so let me know if you have an opinion!
  • Publish my tween face mask tutorial. Honestly, this one is a bonus because life at home is super complicated right now. Focus area: education
November goals in 2020

What are your monthly goals for November 2020?

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  1. I feel like my goal for November is survive. Maybe that’s just election week doing this to me.
    The pictures you included in this post are lovely.

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