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11th Grade Homeschool Curriculum Recommendations

Everything you need to create a well rounded 11th grade homeschool curriculum: English, math, history, science, art, and more.

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11th Grade Homeschool Curriculum Recommendations

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Emma’s 11th Grade Homeschool Curriculum

By the time my children reach high school I like to give them a lot of say in their curriculum choices – something they also get if they go to public school at this point. Emma chose all of her curricula for eleventh grade for the fall. She opted to return to public school for spring quarter, where she also had a lot of say in her classes. I wasn’t sure how it would work, slotting into a competitive US public school curriculum halfway through the year, but she is doing fine! She is still happy with how she set up her learning for fall, too.

11th Grade Homeschool Art Curriculum

Art is not something I worry about unless a child is interested at this point; Emma was not. She spent this time writing a paper that actually got accepted into the Junior Science and Humanities Symposium instead.

If I had an 11th grader who liked art, I would look for online or in person instruction based on their personal interest.

11th Grade Homeschool English Curriculum

Emma really likes poetry, so for her homeschool English curriculum this fall she enrolled in two Coursera poetry courses. She loved the first one and enjoyed the second. One of the huge wins of homeschooling is the freedom to deep dive into topics like this.

Blog followers also recommended Moving Beyond the Page and Oak Meadow for language arts.

11th Grade Homeschool Curriculum: History

Emma used the Khan Academy AP US History curriculum and learned a lot, although ultimately she decided to opt out of taking the exam this spring. She is taking regular US history instead for the rest of the year.

11th Grade Math Curriculum

I selected the AOPS Precalculus book for Emma. She wound up using the Khan Academy Precalculus course more. I think she enjoyed the instant feedback of the online math program. My personal preference is still for paper and pencil math courses. Art of Problem Solving has their own online math class option, but the times did not work with our UK time zone in the fall.

Blog followers also recommended Thinkwell math.

11th Grade Science Curriculum

Emma picked Khan Academy Physics for her 11th grade science curriculum. Clearly, Khan Academy works well for her!

High School Foreign Language Curriculum

I used to teach French for a living, so I tutored Emma in French using a French book we found in the UK. I didn’t love the book so I’m not spending the time to go look it up. However, I do like this resource:

The Bescherelle is every French school child’s language arts reference book. I used it as a child going to French public schools, and Emma agrees with me that it is super useful! Emma also read Asterix graphic novels and Le Petit Nicolas to build her reading comprehension. We watched Romantics Anonymous.

Although she is going to a public school, Emma is actually continuing independent study for French. Apparently our public school allows this for one class if you can argue that you have enough scheduling conflicts. Emma likes it because it gives her a free period. The school wanted her to be in a formal program (they love formal learning) so she is taking the UC Scout French 3 class. She says it is very easy.

Eleventh Grade Homeschool Curriculum Recommendations

Homeschool Curriculum Recommendations for Other Grades

Are you homeschooling several different ages? Here are some of my other homeschool curriculum recommendations:

What are your favorite 11th grade homeschool curriculum resources?

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