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Beat the Summer Slide with 100 Fun and Easy Learning Games for Kids

Beat the summer slide with these 100 fun and easy learning games for kids. This is an incredible resource for parents to use this summer and all year round.

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A fun way to explore the world and 99 more fun and easy learning games for kids.

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Beat the Summer Slide with 100 Fun and Easy Learning Games for Kids

I’ve been bloggy friends with Amanda and Kim for years. These two educators are the masterminds behind The Educators’ Spin On It. When they told me that they were publishing a book of 100 Fun & Easy Learning Activities for Kids, I knew it would be a great resource for parents, home schoolers, and school teachers. They were kind enough to send me a review copy, and the book is living up to my expectations!

explore the world - 100 fun and easy learning games for kids.

We do a lot of educational activities, but I very rarely plan them. I fill my house with books like this one, and then wait for my children to come to me with an activity that they want to try. Thanks to a home library full of books with engaging photos and fun ideas, we ALWAYS have more activities that the kids want to try than we have time. No summer slide issues in our home! My kids actually wait for school to get out so that they can start doing their own school at home using these resources! My kids finish their public school year off this Friday. Yesterday ten-year-old Emma came home from school and joyful exclaimed, “Mom, school starts Saturday!” She has been putting together a summer curriculum for her siblings, and she has now added the 100 Fun and Easy Learning Games for Kids book to her summer curriculum.

100 fun and easy learning games for kids: explore the world

Of course, we had to try one activity as soon as the book arrived. Emma put together a continent fortune teller, which the three younger kids then used for the next hour as a tool for exploring our world globe. To play this game, you make a cootie catcher. Under the triangle, you set geography challenges, like:

  • Find Antarctica
  • Find Africa
  • Find Asia
  • Find Australia
  • Find Europe
  • Find North America
  • Find South America
  • Find and Name an Ocean.

By the end of the afternoon, eight-year-old Johnny and six-year-old Lily were pretty good at quickly identifying all of the continents! They are still working on oceans Three-year-old Anna takes a somewhat creative approach to identifying continents, at this point.

One of 100 great new fun and easy learning games for kids

If you are looking for a great educational summer learning resource for your kids, this book is a great place to start! The book is divided into reading, writing, math, science, music and art, and global learning activities for well-rounded summer learning. The book’s “Stack a Word” activity is next on our list to try. I have a feeling my eight-year-old has visions of building some VERY long words and seeing if his cans can stay up.

In the meantime, we are building a new felt map of the world for the kids to continue on with their continents practice!

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    I love the shot of Lily playing with the globe :) This looks like a great book!

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    I wouldn’t be surprised if your kids learned as much out of school as they do in!

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