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Building Dinosaur Models with Dad

Learn about dinosaurs by building simple skeleton models. You may also enjoy this simple dinosaurs + volcanoes activity.


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Last Saturday, Mike and I decided to take advantage of my 14-year-old sister visiting to go on a mini-date. Our destination? Our local Michaels craft store, where we picked up these two wooden dinosaur models for $1 apiece. Emma and Johnny put the models together with Mike Sunday and last night, and thoroughly enjoyed themselves each time. Johnny’s dinosaur rarely falls apart, but Emma’s has a habit of losing limbs, so we may need to add some glue so she can play with it a little more. Both kids really enjoy their dinosaurs.


Our kids enjoyed finding the pieces and matching the shapes to the map provided with the wood cuts. This was a great thinking exercise for them, as well as an opportunity for them to practice their fine motor skills. I love finding simple activities like this for the kids!

What are your favorite dinosaur activities for kids?

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8 thoughts on “Building Dinosaur Models with Dad”

  1. Whoa, I didn't know about these. I need to pick some up for my dinosaur-obsessed children.

  2. I thought about getting some of those but didnt know how they would be. Thanks! I will pick some up for Noah!

  3. Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog

    Oooooo… I'm sure Mark would be totally into this!! I've seen those kits, but they looked too intimidating for me, but he could totally handle it! Great idea!!

  4. Cool dinosaurs! We have some of those sets from charity shops but haven't tried making them yet.

  5. @Amber – that's why this is crafting with dad :)

    @Kitten Muffin – great idea to paint the pieces first! Emma would LOVE doll furniture, I'll have to look around the shops here to see what I can find, I don't think there is a Daiso nearby…

  6. I got one of those for Elijah and his Dad to do too! Emma and Johnny look like they enjoy them, I bet your husband had fun too. =)

  7. We've been having wooden model building fun too. I usually have several kids around, so I pop out all the little pieces and let them paint them before we put the model together. The various car ones are always the most popular around here. Daiso seems to have a big collection for $1.50 each. They have sets of doll house furniture done in the same way too, which my girls LOVE! We've had to put a dab of glue on a few of them to keep them alive too ;)

  8. I got those for boys I nannied for. I was NOT good at putting them together!! Didn't even remotely resemble a dinosaur and there were pieces left over :)

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