Virtual Book Club for Kids: David McPhail


We really enjoyed discovering David McPhail’s books this month through the Virtual Book Club for Kids! McPhail writes about all sorts of subjects, but his books starring pigs (inspired by this author/illustrator’s love of Charlotte’s Web) were our favorites. Pig Pig Gets a Job even inspired this drawing for Lily (made as part of his ongoing Notes From Dad – each child has hundreds by now):

Pig Pig gets a job inspired drawing

Here are three of our favorites from the many David McPhail books we read this book, and some activities to go along with them:

  • Piggy’s Pancake Parlor: make deluxe pancakes! If blueberries and whipped cream aren’t your thing, we also like to add pureed pumpkin and chocolate chips to pancake mix :)
  • Pig Pig Grows Up: I think this is a great book for kids getting ready for a new sibling, or when there is a new baby in the house. As exciting as new babies are, sometimes being a baby looks way more fun than being a kid. You can follow up by talking about all the things kids can do that babies still have to learn, and maybe your child can set up their own Baby School.
  • Pig Pig Gets a Job: help your kids make their own chore chart. This is an ongoing project in our house, but here are a few things that make chores for kids a little bit easier.

David McPhail’s Animals A to Z is about all sorts of animals, but it gets honorable mention because Emma (six years old) and I especially enjoyed the many things McPhail found to illustrate for each letter of the alphabet!

Do you have a favorite David McPhail book? Do you have a blog post about David McPhail or one of his books? Link up below!


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    We haven’t read Piggy’s Pancake Parlor! I’ll have to check it out. We love Sisters by David McPhail – you have to read it if you haven’t yet. We also like Budgie and Boo.

    What do you do with all of the notes from Dad?

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      Lately Mike has been drawing them with the kids on Sunday afternoons for the week – and having them make a few notes for each other for some of the days.

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    Mike is an amazing artist! I can see where your kids get their drawing gene from :) I think both Mike and your children would love the book that we picked – Drawing Lessons from a Bear.

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