Valentine’s Day With Kids

Heart art by Emma

Happy Valentine’s Day! My kids are incredibly excited about this holiday, and it’s been fun celebrating with them by making some cute Valentine’s Day kids crafts – from making valentines to talking about things we like about friends and family members. Emma brought this cute heart guy home from school!

child-made gift for a teenager: heart pillow

Emma also made a heart pillow for my sister K, who turned 17 yesterday! I helped sew the pillow (I used my pinking sheers to trim the seam for nice smooth curves this time), she stuffed it, I stitched it shut, then she drew the face on with Sharpie pens. I love that she drew a face with the tongue sticking out – just like her other heart guy at the top of this post. K is the one who taught her to draw faces like that! I’m pretty sure it’s the first time K has received a heart-shaped gift, even with a birthday so close to Valentine’s Day, and I was so pleased to find something Emma would enjoy making that could double as a fun teenager gift! K has been a great friend to my kids, and they all adore her. We mailed it off last week, and K loves it! =)

We’re making today Daddy Appreciation Day – with notes to Mike around the house! What are you doing to celebrate?

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  1. says

    I remember making a similar heart guy when I was a kid… and almost every kid I’ve known since then has made one! They never stop being cute! I think the pillow is adorable too. Your sister will treasure it!

  2. says

    I love that you helped her make a pillow! I have fond memories of my mom helping me to make a pillow case as a child.

    It was a lazy Valentine’s for us this year, though I did make heart waffles for breakfast. :)

  3. Didi {Duck Duck Octopus} says

    The little stuffed heart is so sweet, and a wonderful homemade gift. I think it is great that the two of you worked together on the project!


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