The Beauty of Cardboard

I’ve discussed my love of cardboard before – here are a few links to fantastic cardboard projects.

LiEr at Ikat Bag really knows how to get the most out of a cardboard box! This post documents how she has transformed boxes into mailboxes, a dog kennel, a guitar, a boat, an oven, a puppet stage, a castle, a donut shop/candy emporium/general store…

Filth Wizardry is another great resource for cardboard box activities. Check out the cardboard barbie house, cardboard easels, cardboard pizza, and giant cardboard rocket ship!

Maya Made shares a tutorial on how to make a portable art studio out of cardboard. This project is taken from a vintage McCall’s Make-It Book that Maya’s grandmother used in her nursery school!

Since I started this blog, we’ve used cardboard boxes to build a washer/dryer and a no-frills cardboard box car. Shoeboxes are great for organizing drawers, and for making simple doll beds.

Do you know of any other great cardboard projects? If so, I’d love to hear about them!


  1. Infant Bibliophile says

    How funny…I just posted a minute ago about a shoe box craft I’ve been working on. I made our own shapes sorter using our Melissa and Doug blocks and a shoe box. It worked great and he loves it (he has a bath one and he loves putting the pieces in but it’s so frustrating to get them back out. With the shoebox, he just lifts the lid). Thanks for the great links. I’ve starred your post in my reader.

  2. bethany says

    I cannot believe the things that people can make from cardboard-and I have it laying all over my house, but just in box form!! The stuff over at Ikat Bag-wow!!Thanks for all the links!!

  3. sunnymama says

    These are some wonderful ideas. I’m always keeping empty boxes and wanting to find uses for them. I’ve just posted a picture on my blog of a shoebox postbox I made and linked to this post. Hope that’s ok :)

  4. LiEr says

    MaryAnne, thanks so much for linking to me! I so enjoyed looking at the cardboard constructions at the other sites you linked to. Already I want to make everything I’ve seen. My husband has imposed a moratorium on big cardboard things, though, cos our house has simply run out of room. So no giant rocket ship, pity. Am off to comment to your other post now. Been so busy lately so am only tonight catching up on all the comments I’ve been wanting to leave on everyone’s blogs.

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