Playing Dreidel

There is a pretty large Jewish population at my kids’ school, and both first grader Johnny and kindergartener Lily’s classes learned how to play Dreidel on the 16th – the first day of Hanukkah this year. Third grader Emma was upset to miss out (her class may have played as well, but she had to […]

A Great Spanish Language Immersion Program for Kids

I haven’t written about it much on this blog, but once upon a time I taught high school French and Spanish, and two of my friends from my Masters teacher credentialing program still teach incredible Spanish language classes in Bay Area public high schools. Finding good language learning materials for young kids especially can be […]

World Culture for Kids: Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina

I’m thrilled to bring my World Culture for Kids series back with today’s post about Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina, written by Sarah of Parents Who! Sarah and her husband Chris just launched a brand-new resource for families called Imagining Aloud.  Imagining Aloud is a subscription service of high-quality, all-original, entertaining audio stories for children and families […]

Appreciating Diversity: Beautiful Rainbow World

The world is an incredible place, and I would love to travel it with my four kids. I know that living outside of the United States helped me develop a deeper appreciation for diversity. Mike’s job isn’t one that is likely to lead to us living in foreign countries, and our budget doesn’t have a […]

Instagram Blog Hop!

As long-time readers of this blog know, I grew up as a third culture kid moving around the world. I love the United States, but I also miss many things that I loved about living outside the US. California’s incredible diversity makes my current state a wonderful place to live (I ran into someone from […]