Burlap Birthday Banner Tutorial

I made this fun Happy Birthday banner for Emma’s ninth birthday party using a banner (three, actually – they are tied together) that was already cut with a laminated backing that came in a package of burlap for me to play with from BurlapFabric.com. The letters were cut out of scraps that were left over […]

Burlap Tablecloth Tutorial

When we moved from Massachusetts to California, we traded our 1/2-acre yard (which bordered who knows how much conservation land) in for this little patio – and we were incredibly lucky to get that! I have struggled a little bit with ways to make it look more cheerful without incurring the wrath of our homeowner’s […]

Easy Homemade Mac n Cheese Sauce

Today I’m sharing a tutorial for making an easy cheese sauce that is perfect for homemade mac n cheese. Apart from grating the cheese (and you could buy pre-grated cheese) and gathering ingredients, I find this as easy as making boxed macaroni and cheese – and it tastes much better! You can even make it […]

Easy Cloth Napkins Sewing Tutorial

We use cloth napkins for meals, and I send them in the kids’ lunches. You can buy polyester napkins very cheaply, but it can be surprisingly hard to buy cotton napkins with reasonably attractive designs. I recently discovered that fat quarters make great generously sized cloth napkins. You save time cutting fabric (not that it […]

3D Paper Christmas Tree Paper Craft Tutorial with Printable

I learned how to make this neat 3D paper Christmas tree from the mom of a girl in Lily’s kindergarten class. I had never seen anything like it! My friend makes them just by guessing the distances, but I found that hard to do the first few times, at leas, so I deconstructed it into […]