UncommonGoods: Great Gifts for Kids and Adults

Have you heard of UncommonGoods? This socially conscious retailer specializes in creative and unique gifts, and I was lucky enough to be offered a budget to give shopping on their site a try! UncommonGoods is a B Corporation retailer, which means that they have to pay good wages, give back to their community, and reduce […]

Fun Gifts for Kids: Ball Pets Review

We were sent some ball pets (affiliate link) to review this month, and they were an instant hit with the kids! All four kids were instantly entranced by these soft cuddly toys that snap shut into a ball shape. Johnny and Lily are each allowed to bring a toy to school when they are class star […]

Tablets for Kids: LeapPad3 Review

  Our original LeapPad is still going strong, so when I was given the opportunity to review the new LeapPad3 I thought it would be fun to see how much it has improved. I was impressed! The LeapPad3 is as durable as ever, but more responsive and faster with a better camera. It has built-in […]

Creative DohVinci Fun!

Have you heard of DohVinci? We were sent some free to try out, and while I wasn’t required to write a blog post about it, I’m sure Hasbro won’t mind that I have. DohVinci comes from the same people who brought us Play-Doh, and it’s a great new 3D art product for older kids! It […]

Kaleidograph Pattern Design Toy Review and Worldwide Giveaway

Have you heard of Kaleidograph? I was recently offered this toy to review, and I said yes because I remember playing with something similar as a child – and loving it. The concept behind this toy is simple: you layer cards with different colors and patterns on top of one another to create interesting designs. […]