Creative Preschool Sensory Play with Ice Balls


This post contains Amazon affiliate links to items we used for this creative preschool sensory play setup. If you purchase anything through these links, we may earn a small commission. This does not affect the price of the item for you. Thank you for supporting this blog! Four-year-old Lily adores sensory play, so I am […]

Simple and Affordable Sensory Table Solution

This post contains affiliate links that you can use to purchase the products featured in this post from Amazon. Using the links helps to support this blog (thank you!) and does not affect the price of the product. I had thought about putting together a sensory table for my kids for ages, but the “real” […]

Exploring Patterns and Stamping with Cinnamon Play Dough

Four-year-old Lily has really been enjoying exploring textures and patterns with play dough recently! Simple tools like forks and knives make really neat designs, and she loves that she can make a design, squish it, and start all over with a brand new idea!   This week we made cinnamon play dough, which added a […]

Creative Sand Sensory Play

Lily adored this creative sensory play activity with some colored sand and her Safari Ltd Fairy TOOB® (affiliate Amazon link, although we purchased ours at Michaels with a 40%-off coupon) characters! As you can tell, the wings of these fairies sometimes fall off when they get a lot of play from an exuberant three-year-old, but […]

Using a Light Table for Focused, Quiet Small World Play

I was super excited to get my kids a light table this Christmas! Massachusetts winters can be long and dark, and sometimes that starts to feel pretty gloomy. I blog for ALEX Toys, and when I saw their Prism Light Center I thought it would be a great way to brighten up these long, cold […]

Raising Creative Kids: Mixed Media Play

Mixing play dough with rocks, googly eyes, marbles, pattern blocks, and other items is a fairly common occurrence in my house. I love raising creative kids, and letting them combine unusual materials is a great way to encourage creativity. Still, I don’t know that I would have allowed them to combine play dough with Kleenex […]

Learning Laboratory: Creative Sensory Play

Combining play dough with rocks for creative sensory play is always popular in our house, and this week there was an extra special component because we made pumpkin pie scented play dough using Tinkerlab’s play dough recipe! It made a LOT of gorgeous play dough – plenty to send most of it off for Johnny’s […]

Learning Laboratory: Bring a sandbox to life!

Lily has been the only child to show much interest in our sandbox until this past week, when Johnny and Emma started adding small animals, grass, and other items to the mix. Suddenly, the sandbox is a fantastic play scape, perfect for hours of imaginative play! Do your kids add things to the sandbox to […]