Fun with Marbles

I have a jar with all sorts of marbles from my days of playing marbles in France. We use them for all sorts of things. We play marbles (the French and the American way), mix them with play dough, and put them in our sensory table (the weight and smoothness of marbles makes for a […]

Sensory Play: Making Gak and Playing with Gak

We have made Gak several times, but our most recent attempt using this equal parts water, liquid glue, and starch was my favorite! White school glue is a polymer, and when you mix it with liquid starch the starch makes the polymer strands link up. Adding water to the glue seemed to help it link […]

Valentine’s Day Fun for Kids: Heart Themed Sensory Board

The kids really enjoyed helping me make this heart themed sensory board, and it makes a great Valentines’ Day themed activity for kids! Making the board was easy! We took a sheet of cardboard I had been saving for just such an activity, and went through the house looking for fabric and other materials to […]

Sensory Bin Fun: Magnets, Measuring, and More

Sensory bins are a great way for kids to destress while practicing fine motor skills! This past week I put together some sensory bin fun with magnets and measuring that both two-year-old Anna AND her three older siblings enjoyed! Note: this post includes affiliate links to products used for this activity. Purchases made via these […]

Calming Activities for a New School Year: Sensory Play

Sensory play is one of my favorite after school activities for kids, and it ranks high on my list of calming activities for a new school year! I have learned that our afternoons go much more smoothly if I have something planned for the kids when school gets out that helps them decompress. Sensory play […]