Growing Sugar Crystals: Delicious Science for Kids

The kids and I really enjoyed growing sugar crystals this past week, and the kids especially loved eating them! This is a science experiment that we had been meaning to do ever since we grew salt crystals, but it took us a couple of years to get around to it! Delicious Science: Growing Sugar Crystals […]

Visual Science Experiment for Kids: Fire Needs Oxygen!

Did you know that this week is Fire Safety / Prevention Week? When Mike and I were first married, the couple across the hall from us lost everything in their apartment when they threw water on what should have been a small grease fire (thankfully they were okay, and the fire did not spread to […]

After School Learning for Kids: Build a Nest

We thoroughly enjoyed watching this Bewick’s Wren (if my bird identification skills are correct) build a nest in the bird house we have on our little patio this past week! Unfortunately, it disappeared partway through the week, so I’m wondering if it decided that my kids were a little loud. It also kept trying to […]

Plant Biology for Kids

I am a huge fan of teaching plant biology for kids – they have a natural fascination about the world around them, and they remember scientific terms easily. Spring is a great time to start gardening with kids, and you don’t have to wait for spring temperatures to get started! This post includes affiliate links to […]

Using Microscopes With Young Children

I have always felt that it was a shame that young children typically don’t get much exposure to biology. People balk at using microscopes with young children, but I find that, given a good introduction on to how to use a microscope properly, the vast majority of kids aged four and older are perfectly capable […]