Fancy Curls with the KISS Instawave – Review

I grew up in a house without curling irons, hair spray, or makeup – most of the time, and I still keep things very simple. Well-defined curls are pretty, though, so I couldn’t resist the chance to review the KISS Instawave automatic curler. My own hair is currently too short to curl beyond what it […]

Creative Fun with Peekapak!

We have reviewed a few subscription kits now, and the Peekapak Storytelling Adventure Pak we were sent to review this month was definitely five-year-old Lily’s favorite! Subscription kits are a wonderful way for parents to make room for kids to get creative without having to stock a household full of craft supplies. I think they […]

Feed Babies Mess-Free with EasyPouch

Kids love being independent, and it’s a trait that we as parents want to encourage as much as possible! Little Anna loves feeding herself, and she actually does really well with a spoon and fork! But when it comes to the pouches of applesauce and baby food, she often accidentally squeezes the container and spills […]

Beados Review: Fuse Beads with Water, not Heat

My kids love creating things out of fusible beads, but we don’t do it nearly as often as they would like because it means getting the iron out and the iron is hardly my favorite household appliance (that title goes to our washing machine, followed closely by the dishwasher). When we were offered the opportunity […]