Pretend Play Strengthens Sibling Relationships


I love watching my kids play together! Pretend play strengthens sibling relationships – I know from personal experience. Many of my fondest childhood memories involve playing with my siblings, and those memories help to maintain sibling bonds now that we are all grown up and live mostly far apart from one another. I suspect that […]

Nurturing Creativity: Time, Space, and Respect


I have discovered three key ingredients for nurturing creativity – in children and adults. To be creative, we all need time, space, and respect. Last year I bought these wooden bird houses for my kids to turn into doll houses. My kids enjoyed the activity, but they kept their houses very simple. Lily actually refused […]

The Importance of Creative Play

Creative play is, in my opinion, one of the main reasons that children need to have unstructured time built into their days. I would actually argue that everyone should have unstructured time built into their days, but children need it the most! When my kids (aged 7, 5, 4, and 1) are left to devise […]

Rainy Day Activities for Kids: Sticky Wall Play Scape

Last week was rainy, grey, and muggy. Sensory play and pretend play are my two favorite rainy day activities for kids, so I combined the two into this simple, imaginative, low-mess activity! We use (affiliate link) contact paper a lot in our house – to make sun catchers, wall art, wall mosaics, and to keep […]