Valentine Fairy

Do you remember our Mod Podge fairy? She is miraculously still completely intact (including her wings, which you can’t really see in this photo), and she is back to visit as our Valentine Fairy for the next seven days! Every day she will leave each of the kids a small note rolled into a tiny […]

Quick and Easy Toddler Activity: Sticker Scenes

Like most toddlers, two-year-old Anna is very curious and she likes to explore her world. I have a nice collection of simple activities that help her explore the world that in ways that don’t create chaos! Making a sticker scene is a quick and easy toddler AND big kid activity that all of my kids […]

Storytelling with Felt Boards: Felt Board Hoop

I love felt boards! Storytelling with felt boards helps kids develop their imagination and encourages them to think outside of the box. My first ever blog post was a felt board tutorial – we enjoyed that board until we left Massachusetts, when I decided to leave it behind. In between, I wrote about two travel […]

Calming Activities for a New School Year: Sensory Play

Sensory play is one of my favorite after school activities for kids, and it ranks high on my list of calming activities for a new school year! I have learned that our afternoons go much more smoothly if I have something planned for the kids when school gets out that helps them decompress. Sensory play […]

Creative Fun for Kids: Design Your Dream House

My kids are all about designing dream houses lately – or, I should really say, dream mansions! My siblings and I used to do this as well, although our goal was to build houses that were 100 stories high. My kids are content with sprawling mansions, but they put everything you could possibly need inside […]