Parenting: Helping Kids Cope with Anxiety

Anxiety is part of being human. We all have things we worry about – both rationally and irrationally. Even though adults have more responsibility, kids are susceptible to anxiety, in large part because they have so much less control over their lives than adults do. Other people decide how they will use huge chunks of […]

Read-Aloud Books Your Kids Will LOVE

Did you know that today is World Read Aloud Day? I thought it would be fun to celebrate with some of our favorite read-aloud books – particularly some you may not have heard of – as well as some tips for reading longer chapter books together. Great Picture Books to Read Aloud Press Here is […]

Can You Tell a Tantrum from a Meltdown?

Every parent knows about tantrums. But can you tell a tantrum from a meltdown? They can look the same to a stranger, but they need to be dealt with in very different ways. A child throws a tantrum because they want candy and you said no. A child has a meltdown because they were hoping […]

Keeping Toddlers Away from Power Buttons with Sugru

A few weeks ago, two-year-old Anna discovered the power button for our computer. It’s actually kind of amazing that she didn’t notice it before – it glows a lovely light blue color when it is on. Pretty glowing buttons make keeping toddlers away from power buttons nearly impossible! Like most toddlers, Anna enjoys learning about […]

Easy and Healthy School Lunches for Kids

  With three kids in elementary school plus a toddler, getting lunches and snacks packed and kids out the door in time to walk to school before the 8am bell can be a real rush. We streamline the process by having backpacks packed (minus lunches) the night before and kids’ clothes for the next day […]