Learning Through Play with Spielgaben


I first wrote about Spielgaben educational toys about a year ago; I’m back today to write about the new, three-tray presentation that we were sent to review – it is the same product, but a new presentation, and extended curriculum. Even if you missed my post last year, followers on Instagram will recognize this toy. […]

High Quality Educational Toys: Spielgaben

Do you like educational toys and learning manipulatives for kids? If so, be prepared to fall in love with Spielgaben! I consider myself pretty well versed on educational toys, but I hadn’t heard of this one until I started seeing it on a few favorite blogs – and their instagram accounts! I was intrigued by […]

Three Playful Ways to Learn Math: Get Ready for K Through Play

Watch a young child carefully select the largest cookie from the plate, and you will see how intuitive math is from a very young age! Sadly, math in the United States all too frequently becomes a dreaded subject – in no small part because our country has a severe shortage of qualified math teachers. The […]

Child Designed Literacy and Math Game

Seven-year-old Emma invented this fun literacy game using the valentines the kids got at school. It’s very simple: Put all the valentines (or cards with names on them, if your cruel mother recycled your valentines – thankfully I have forgiving children) into a bag or other container. Reach in and pull out a card, and […]

Week in Review: Babywearing, Pi, and Horseback Riding

We enjoyed stunning autumn leaves in Massachusetts this week! Four-year-old Johnny especially enjoys running through them, and I love seeing them on the trees! Mike had a three-day weekend courtesy of Columbus Day, and we all enjoyed the extra time with him home! Two-month-old Anna is working on her tummy time skills, with varying levels […]