Stop Motion Animation for Kids Using a DSLR

Do you remember my post about how my kids loved making stop motion animation movies with our OgoBild Animate It Studio Kit*? During spring break, they decided to take their stop motion to a new level! It was a wonderful spring break activity – they spent hours making their movies! This is a wonderful way […]

Coded Messages and More Literacy Fun for Kids

Making coded messages is one of my favorite ways for kids to practice early literacy! Five-year-old Lily came up with this fun coded message game. She writes only part of each letter, and it is my job to figure out what the message will say when she fills in the missing spaces. Sometimes I get […]

Internet Piano Lessons with Grandma over WiFi

Longtime readers know that I am the fourth of ten kids. I don’t know that I have mentioned before that all ten of us play at least one instrument: violin, viola, or cello. Most can also play at least a little bit of piano. We started music lessons because my oldest sister was interested, and […]

Learning About Ladybugs

Ladybugs (or Ladybirds, for our UK friends) are one of the first insects to emerge in the spring. California doesn’t have much of a winter anyhow, and on our after-dinner walk yesterday we came across a swarm of ladybugs! Learning About Ladybugs Since the ladybugs (or Coccinellidae, if you want to use their scientific name) […]

Fun Ways to Celebrate Pi Day with Kids!

Pi Day – a day set aside to celebrate the mathematical constant 3.1415 (etc.) is a fun day for math geeks like me. I also think that Pi Day is a wonderful opportunity to get kids thinking about ways in which math can be fun, so today I am sharing some fun ways to celebrate […]