Kid Quotes: What Should I Dream About?

Johnny (five years old): What should I dream about so I don’t have scary dreams? Mama: How about puppies and kittens? Johnny: But if I dream about kittens, I might dream about them scratching me with their claws. Mama: Maybe you can dream about kittens who had their claws removed. Johnny: What? How would that […]

Kid Quotes: So Many Good Things

My kids are great at saying clever and funny things when I need a laugh. Here are a few favorite recent kid quotes! Seven-year-old Emma, on a day when she was being especially helpful: Mama, why do you think I’m doing so many good things today? Hoping the kids won’t wake up the baby… Mama: […]

Kid Quotes: Fiction

This is what all too many of my attempts at photographing five-year-old Johnny look like, lately. He tells me this is his “bad guy face”. It reminds me more of Calvin and Hobbes. :) On to kid quotes! Lily said something really funny, and I wish I could remember what. Maybe that will show up […]