2014 Goal Setting: November

Happy Halloween! Johnny made this cute little candy corn guy in his first grade class. I think it’s adorable! We are supposed to get one of our extremely rare rain showers today, but everyone is much too grateful for rain to complain. I kept my October goals simple, and we had a nice month. A […]

Setting Monthly Goals: October 2014

September has flown past, temperatures are slowly dropping, and it even rained once this month! It’s time to set October goals, and to go over September. I did okay with my September goals – not great. Johnny’s school situation is better, but it’s not ideal. I have his IEP meeting as well as a parent […]

Setting Monthly Goals: September 2014

August was a busy month, and somehow it is already time to set goals for September! My three “big” kids started kindergarten, first grade, and third grade in August – thankfully all at the same school after going to three different schools last year. Lily LOVES kindergarten, and was thrilled to be assigned to her […]

Setting Monthly Goals: August 2014

July flew by, and so has Anna’s babyhood – can you believe she turns two this month?! July goals were very simple, and I plan to maintain this approach to setting monthly goals for August. I had a lovely, mellow birthday, we unpacked and will be packing (and unpacking) again this month since we are […]

Setting Monthly Goals: July 2014

Happy July! June was a fun and busy month for my family! We thoroughly enjoyed a more relaxed schedule with school out for the year. No more running from school to school for me! We enjoyed spending time with friends and family. My kids are particularly enchanted by their baby cousin V! We are at […]