Life Skills for Kids: Window Shopping

Window shopping is an important skill that canl help your kids throughout their lives. Here are simple ways to teach kids to admire, not buy.

Do your kids know how to window shop? I mean real window shopping, where they can wander through a store full of things they want, admire things in the store, and leave without asking for anything? Since first world countries surround people – including children – with ads telling them they need, need, need, I […]

Creating a Family-Friendly Living Space


Silicon Valley has one of the world’s highest costs of living. So, when we moved here, we jumped at the chance to get into a (much more affordable than other options) condo owned by Mike’s employer. We didn’t even see it before agreeing to live there, but it had MORE square footage to our little ranch […]

Make a Skirt a Day: Book Review


Pattern drafting is something I have enjoyed playing around with since I was a teenager. Many, many months ago – right when we first got to California – I was sent a review copy of Nicole Smith’s delightful pattern drafting book, Skirt a Day (affiliate link – items purchased through this link may earn this […]

Clever Food Storage for Your Fridge

Economical food storage that maximizes shelf space My mom is a very resourceful person. You have to be when you raise ten children in eight different countries. She can fit more dishes than you would ever think possible into a dishwasher, and have them all come out clean. She taught me how to get stains […]

Quirk Books: Home Economics, Bento Boxes, and Tiny Food

We’ve been enjoying these fun reads from Quirk Books. I thought they would be interesting and haven’t been disappointed – maybe some of you will like then too! Quirk books specializes in quirky reads, and I find them to be a lot of fun! Home Economics takes vintage homemaking advice and republishes it for the […]

My Cloth Diaper Solution

I’ve been using cloth diapers since Emma was nine or ten months old, and and after four kids and six years’ worth of experimentation I’ve finally found a solution that works really well for us – day and night! After trying nearly every kind of cloth diaper available (pockets, all-in-ones, prefolds, flats, velcro, snaps) and […]

Emma Designs Tutorial: Doll clothes from cast-off tops

After the success of the doll shrugs Emma designed, I followed her instructions to make some pants from the sleeves of a couple of other tops that were in my cast-off-clothing-for-sewing-experimentation stash. They turned out nicely, so I made another pair (stitched in orange thread for visibility) for Johnny’s doll and included pictures. I don’t […]