Fun Homemade Gifts for Moms and Teachers

I love homemade gifts, so I was thrilled to collaborate with Kim of Live Over C’s to create QR code activity books that make great homemade gifts for moms and teachers. Kim collected our ideas and made them into a free printable book that you can download, laminate, and give as a gift. Each activity […]

Energy Saving Hacks: Tips, Tricks, and DIY Solutions

I’m a big fan of energy efficiency. It saves money, and it’s good for the environment. We put a lot of thought into making our home in Massachusetts energy efficient, and by the time we left our monthly utility bill had dropped 60% in the wintertime! Today, I’m sharing some of my favorite energy saving […]

Life Skills for Kids: Window Shopping

Do your kids know how to window shop? I mean real window shopping, where they can wander through a store full of things they want, admire things in the store, and leave without asking for anything? Since first world countries surround people – including children – with ads telling them they need, need, need, I […]