Pom-Pom Pets Craft for Kids

My kids earn tickets for completing chores around the house, and then they exchange their tickets for prizes – usually books, but sometimes other things. Nine-year-old Emma saved up her tickets to earn Klutz’s Mini Pom-Pom Pets book and kit*. She used the instructions in the book to make each of the animals featured above. […]

Using BIG Paper to Unleash Creativity in Children

Using big sheets of paper is one of my favorite ways to get my kids thinking creatively, and a favorite rainy day activity for my kids! I buy large rolls of paper (like this, but we get ours from IKEA usually) and cut off large sections – around four feet long – for the kids […]

Creative Group Activity for Kids: Making Monsters

When I was planning Emma’s birthday party, I knew that I needed a creative group activity. My activity needed to be: Accessible to all of the kids attending from two-year-old Anna to Emma’s “sophisticated” nine-year-old friends Gender neutral – not something that would be perceived as either a “girl” or “boy” activity Easy to set […]

Felt Shape Sheep

Our felt board hoop continues to be very popular with my kids, and this weekend we put it to use making cute felt shape sheep! We were inspired by Chinese New Year and the fact that we are starting the year of the sheep (or ram), but this is a great craft for spring or […]

Easy Toddler Activity to Prevent Creative Toddler Self Entertainment

Like most toddlers, two-year-old Anna is very curious, and she has a lot of energy! Toddlers don’t waste time, and I find that one of the challenges of raising toddlers is keeping them busy so that they don’t come up with creative activities on their own – like covering themselves in marker while I cook […]