Using BIG Paper to Unleash Creativity in Children

Using big sheets of paper is one of my favorite ways to get my kids thinking creatively, and a favorite rainy day activity for my kids! I buy large rolls of paper (like this, but we get ours from IKEA usually) and cut off large sections – around four feet long – for the kids […]

Sibling Crafting with Crafters Crate

Crafting is one of our favorite family activities, and this week the kids enjoyed trying out a Crafters Crate that we were sent to review. Recommended for ages 5-10 and with four activities per box, this crate was perfect for our four kids to explore (Anna thinks she is five). I always enjoy watching my […]

Nurturing Creativity: Time, Space, and Respect

I have discovered three key ingredients for nurturing creativity – in children and adults. To be creative, we all need time, space, and respect. Last year I bought these wooden bird houses for my kids to turn into doll houses. My kids enjoyed the activity, but they kept their houses very simple. Lily actually refused […]

Creative Summer Fun for Kids

Summer is the perfect time to get creative with your kids! You can follow a morning at the park or pool with a quiet afternoon of crafting. A quiet, creative afternoon with your kids a wonderful parent-child bonding opportunity, as well as a chance for children to develop new skills and discover new interests, all […]

Play Dough Fun for All Ages

Play dough is one of my favorite mixed age group activities – a wonderful artistic medium that is fun for all ages! I have a fool-proof play dough recipe that I make in bulk, in several colors, so that there is plenty for my four kids and any friends who come over. We have a […]