Making Christmas Memories With Kids

Merry Christmas! I woke up this morning to this message on my kids’ white board, created by my eight-year-old and my two-year-old. So much excitement! The kids are busy making last-minute Perler bead gifts – a great way to stay busy on Christmas Eve. The stockings are hung, and slowly being filled with child-made gifts […]

Christmas Family Time: Decorating the Tree

One of my earliest memories is of wrapping my hands around a Christmas tree light and admiring the way the light shone through the cracks between my fingers. Every year when we decorate our Christmas tree, I enjoy watching my kids enjoy this same phenomenon of light captured in their hands. Christmas is my favorite […]

Travel the World This Holiday Season

Have you ever looked at how holiday traditions are different around the world? Christmas is a wonderful time to do this, because it is a holiday that is observed in many countries around the globe! Kids learn best when they can make a personal connection to new information, and so having a topic in common […]

3D Paper Christmas Tree Paper Craft Tutorial with Printable

I learned how to make this neat 3D paper Christmas tree from the mom of a girl in Lily’s kindergarten class. I had never seen anything like it! My friend makes them just by guessing the distances, but I found that hard to do the first few times, at leas, so I deconstructed it into […]

Turn Holiday Stress into Simple, Meaningful Memories

Last month I was invited to speak to a group of women about my family’s Christmas traditions. Some were quite surprised by our family’s fairly simple gift-giving traditions, and they asked if I planned to continue such minimalist gifting as my kids grow older. My answer? I think we will. I hope we will. Keeping […]