Christmas in Sweden

I’ve mentioned before that I was raised in five different countries. Once I left home, my parents continued their globe-trotting life, with my six younger siblings in tow. Out of everywhere they live, experiencing Christmas in Sweden left my family with the most new-to-us Christmas traditions! I never had the opportunity to witness these traditions […]

Christmas Around the World: USA!

My kids haven’t realized it, but as we are getting ready for Christmas they are learning about our family’s Christmas traditions – which, like all American Christmas traditions, have been influenced by countries around the globe! This month we will have the opportunity as a family to learn more about Christmas around the world, thanks […]

Kid-Made Ornaments with ALEX Toys!

Our Christmas tree is covered almost entirely with homemade ornaments – salt dough ornaments, hand-sewn and hand-colored ornaments, cardboard and construction paper ornaments, jingle bell ornaments, and, of course, paper chains. I love seeing our simple ornaments and remembering the fun we had making them together! We got a little fancy this year with this […]