Top Post of 2014: Weighted Blanket Sewing Tutorial

Early in 2013, I was talking to my sister on the phone and she mentioned that she wanted a weighted blanket for my nephew. I offered to make one, and decided to take photos and add a few illustrations to create a weighted blanket sewing tutorial. This tutorial became my most popular post of all […]

Fun Science: Candy Experiment Fun

Have you done any candy experiments with your kids yet? I highly recommend it! This post sharing some of our favorite candy experiments was my second most popular in 2014 with 82,711 views. Blog posts are only as successful as the people reading them make them, and a large piece of this blog post’s success […]

Coping With Sleep Deprivation: Top Posts of 2014

If you have kids, I can guarantee that you have dealt with sleep deprivation at some point! That fact combined with excellent advice from several of my blog friends has made my Coping With Sleep Deprivation post consistently popular. This post has been my top post in previous years; this year it did very well […]

Top Blog Posts of 2014: Mess-Free Art for Kids

Today is day 2 of my top blog posts of 2014 countdown with Mia of PragmaticMom! This fun, mess-free art activity for little ones was my fourth most popular blog post with 21,180 views in 2014! We have done several variations on this activity, and I have blogged about a few of them. Mess-free finger […]