Kid-Made Ornaments with ALEX Toys!

Our Christmas tree is covered almost entirely with homemade ornaments – salt dough ornaments, hand-sewn and hand-colored ornaments, cardboard and construction paper ornaments, jingle bell ornaments, and, of course, paper chains. I love seeing our simple ornaments and remembering the fun we had making them together! We got a little fancy this year with this […]

Science for Kids: The Science of Sound

The Science of Sound for Kids I remember learning about sound waves in middle school science, and the teacher using a slinky to demonstrate how the waves would travel from one side of the room to the other. Our ALEX Toys Talking Tubes were the perfect way to give the kids a little demonstration in […]

Making Bouncy Balls!

There are a few ways of making bouncy balls at home, but this kit from ALEX Toys is definitely the easiest I’ve seen! Since I blog for ALEX Toys, we get sent a bunch of their products to try; we received a mini version of this kit in the Slimy Sticky Silly Stuff Kid Concoctions […]

Teaching Kids to Tell Time

At the beginning of the summer, Emma came to me with a problem: she didn’t know how to tell analog time. She had a unit on telling time in school, and did fine on her test, but the concept behind the answers hadn’t stuck. Luckily, I was one step ahead of her – ALEX Toys […]

A Puzzle that’s a Play Mat

I love multi-functional toys, and this 3D Cityscape by ALEX Toys that we were sent to review doubles as a play mat is a favorite in our house, inspiring hours of imaginative play! My kids and I have always loved big floor puzzles, and the 3D buildings add to the fun! I especially like that […]