Kid-Made Ornaments with ALEX Toys!

Our Christmas tree is covered almost entirely with homemade ornaments – salt dough ornaments, hand-sewn and hand-colored ornaments, cardboard and construction paper ornaments, jingle bell ornaments, and, of course, paper chains. I love seeing our simple ornaments and remembering the fun we had making them together! We got a little fancy this year with this […]

Combining Science and Pretend Play

When I pulled out the volcano acid + base experiment that we had from the Kid Concoctions set that ALEX Toys sent us, I was planning a simple experiment, but the kids had other ideas! They grabbed the rocks we use with play dough, some grass from our yard, and their plastic dinosaurs and set […]

Craft-Themed Birthday Party for a Seven-year-old!

Emma had a fantastic crafts-themed birthday party last month! This birthday party was simple to set up, and all of the kids – both girls and boys – enjoyed it! We started off decorating canvas bags with these fabric markers. The kids actually had a couple brands to pick from, and the ALEX ones were […]