Calm Activities to Help Kids Decompress After School

School can be very stressful for kids! After spending all day in chairs being told what to do, getting outdoors – in nature – is my favorite way to help my kids decompress. In Massachusetts it was sometimes too cold for these activities (raining or too cold). The weather is nearly always fine in California, […]

Fun Science: Candy Experiment Fun

Have you done any candy experiments with your kids yet? I highly recommend it! This post sharing some of our favorite candy experiments was my second most popular in 2014 with 82,711 views. Blog posts are only as successful as the people reading them make them, and a large piece of this blog post’s success […]

Making the Most of Your Local College Campus

Have you taken your kids to your local college campus yet? Colleges often have a lot to offer families, and usually at very affordable (often free!) prices! College campuses are designed to withstand the antics of college students, and that tends to make them pretty kid-friendly – although I have noticed that railings aren’t necessarily […]