Fun with Marbles

I have a jar with all sorts of marbles from my days of playing marbles in France. We use them for all sorts of things. We play marbles (the French and the American way), mix them with play dough, and put them in our sensory table (the weight and smoothness of marbles makes for a […]

Stop Motion Animation for Kids Using a DSLR

Do you remember my post about how my kids loved making stop motion animation movies with our OgoBild Animate It Studio Kit*? During spring break, they decided to take their stop motion to a new level! It was a wonderful spring break activity – they spent hours making their movies! This is a wonderful way […]

Celebrate Earth Day with Kids All Year Round

Earth Day is coming up in a couple of weeks, and today I’ve gotten together with a few blog friends to write about some simple ways to teach kids to appreciate and care for the earth. Earth Day is a great annual reminder, but really caring about and appreciating the planet is something we can […]

Internet Piano Lessons with Grandma over WiFi

Longtime readers know that I am the fourth of ten kids. I don’t know that I have mentioned before that all ten of us play at least one instrument: violin, viola, or cello. Most can also play at least a little bit of piano. We started music lessons because my oldest sister was interested, and […]

Yoga Spinner Game After School Fun

We were sent a yoga spinner game to review a few weeks ago, and my kids have really enjoyed using this game to get active, stretch out, and destress after school! The game is very simple: spin, select a card, and complete the pose. The cards are cleverly stored inside the spinner when not in […]