Stop Motion Animation for Kids Using a DSLR

Do you remember my post about how my kids loved making stop motion animation movies with our OgoBild Animate It Studio Kit*? During spring break, they decided to take their stop motion to a new level! It was a wonderful spring break activity – they spent hours making their movies! This is a wonderful way […]

Activities for Kids: Make a Straw Weaving Loom

Have you tried straw weaving? We learned how from my friend Katherine of One Inch World. It’s easy to make a straw weaving loom, and easy to weave on that loom! Straw weaving is a great relaxing activity for kids – a great way for kids to relax or decompress after school. Setting up the […]

Perler Bead Furniture

My kids continue to enjoy playing with Perler Beads, especially since they discovered all the free Perler Bead patterns you can download from the official Perler Bead site! Their most ambitious project to date was the 3D furniture pictured above – Emma (8 years old) made the bed and Johnny (7 years old) made the […]

Stop Motion Animation for Kids!

My kids are really enjoying working on their stop motion animation skills thanks to a great little kit we were sent by OgoSport: the OgoBild Animate It Studio Kit*. This kit comes with a camera, a confirmation code to download a copy of the Animate It! Express software, and Ogobild Bits that you can put […]

A Fun Way to Learn Letters and Spelling

My kids love using sand on trays to learn letters and spelling, and they recently discovered that chopsticks make excellent writing utensils! Eight-year-old Emma enjoys writing out her spelling words this way, while six-year-old Johnny and five-year-old Lily enjoy practicing their handwriting. Even two-year-old Anna enjoys practicing her fine motor skills with a chopstick in […]