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Playing in the snow

Monday the snow was finally packable, and the kids were thrilled to spend the afternoon playing outside. I went out with them, and we spent a few hours together in perfect snow-play temperatures – barely above freezing!

building a snowman

Johnny’s preschool teachers gave him this snowman kit at Christmas, and he has been waiting all winter to use it!

proud of their finished snowman

They were all immensely proud of their finished snowman! We took a picture (which I need to print and send in to Johnny’s teachers).

building a snow castle

Then we moved on to a snow fort – or snow castle, as the kids called it. We all worked together and built a pretty large structure:

snow castle

The next morning we woke up to eerie fog, and rapidly-melting snow. Lily and Johnny still enjoyed playing in it:

kids playing in the snow

The kids thought I should include a video clip, so here it is! It was vetted by all three kids, so even though Lily says “don’t take my picture yet” she was fine with video!

There’s new snow falling as I type – hopefully we’ll get enough to play in!

learning laboratory at mama smiles
What fun and creative learning is happening in your home? Do you have snow? Last week readers shared favourite websites for young children, beautiful fairy habitats, a Florida-friendly snowman experiment, a neat way to get kids thinking about where food comes from, and an awesome protect the house experiment that I definitely plan to do with my kids!


  1. says

    It’s amazing how different our weather is in the same state! Our snow was all gone by Monday. The kids had fun sledding that weekend but when they woke up on Monday, there was nothing left. That kit is a great gift!

    • maryanne says

      How strange! My sister is only 40 minutes away or so, and even she often has completely different weather from us, though.

      The snowman kit is awesome! I was so impressed when he got it at their winter party. Johnny has amazing teachers! =)

  2. says

    When I saw the snowman I thought “how picture perfect” and then when you said it was a snowman kit I thought “how cool and clever”. If we lived in snow I am sure my kids would use all my nice stuff to make a fancy snowman.

    Your backyard is huge, looks so perfect for energetic kids. I am sure if my kids saw that fort they would be all kinds of jealous.

  3. says

    Believe it or not we haven’t had enough snow in Chicago to even make a snowman this year! But I am not complaining! :D

    Loved the video!

    • maryanne says

      After all the snow we had last year, the light snow this year has been a relief! It was nice for the kids to get a snowman, though =)

  4. says

    LUV LUV LUV LUV the pictures of the kids having such amazing good times. You’ve really captured the joy! (Sitting here in southern FL at the moment — air conditioning on ‘high’ I’m glad that I have those memories stored in my heart, from earlier adventures!)


    So glad to have had the opportunity to link-up!!

  5. says

    Your children are so exceptionally cute!!! Beautiful pictures, love the video, and I think it is so nice you are going to give a snowman pic to your son’s teacher – how thoughtful!

  6. says

    It looks like so much fun! Where I live, all the snow keeps on melting before it becomes packable. I did make a large snowball the other day, but it used just about all the snow in my yard. And then my dogs started eating it.

  7. Linda says

    Oh, how sweet! And what a treat to see them walking around and talking!! I saw Lily giving Johnny a little kick in the behind…..she is an ornery one…lol. I heard how well, and clearly, she was talking. I heard Johnny protesting when he was getting kicked, but I didn’t hear Emma at all. I guess she’s not “ready for her close up” yet. Thanks for the little clip.

    xo Linda

    • maryanne says

      I think Lily was actually only trying to kick the snow – and not sure if she hit him or just kicked the snow out from under him! Lily’s the big talker of the family. Emma does say ow (or something) at the beginning when Johnny accidentally steps on her foot, and he says “Sorry, Emma”.

      And if you listen very closely Johnny is singing at the end =)

  8. says

    That looks like so much fun, we haven’t gotten that much snow yet…and I’m in no hurry to but making snowmen and forts is such a great classic part of childhood.

  9. says

    That is so lovely. We have just had snow here this weekend and it was the twins first encounter. I don’t think they really liked the cold, or the falling over bless them, but give it a couple of years and they will want to be out in it all the time.

    Thanks for linking to Family Frolics. x

  10. FionaCambouropoulos (@coombemill) says

    Looks like another family having lots of fun in the weekend snow. Next time I hope it reaches us in Cornwall!

    • maryanne says

      Oh, I hope you do get some snow, it’s so fun for the kids!

      I tried to comment on your blog, but kept getting an error. No idea why! But I LOVE your farm photos – kid heaven!

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