DIY Sidewalk Paint for Kids: Take 2


We had another go at sidewalk paint for the kids yesterday. I made the paint the way you are “supposed to” with corn starch instead of flour this time (equal parts corn starch and water). I also used washable paints instead of food dye after reading a comment left by Cindy on this post. We haven’t had issues with food dye staining on clothes yet, but I do know that it can be hard to wash out and both kids were wearing shirts I would like to keep stain-free. The kids painted with brushes until Johnny dumped all the bowls out, at which point Emma decided to come in (and Johnny soon followed). I don’t know if they were less into it because they didn’t like the texture with the corn starch as much as with the flour, or if it was just that they are both still sick (especially Emma, who is on week three of being sick nearly non-stop now) and so weren’t feeling very into doing anything. It was easier to get a nice paint texture using flour than corn starch, but the corn starch was easier to clean up since it didn’t stick to paint brush bristles. They didn’t try finger painting like last time, but Johnny did a lovely job of decorating his hands and feet (and clothing):

20090817_0655 20090817_0656

Emma’s hands, feet, and clothes were spotless, as usual. The corn starch looks like a mess, but it washes off really well with a little water.


  1. Cindy says

    We do love our liquid watercolors. We add it to everything. My guy especially loves when we add it to shaving cream and I strip him down to his undies and he draws all over the shower. Besides just having plain fun, we make shapes and we are working on learning letters.

    You can also use it to refill ink pads.

    Hope the kids feel better soon.

  2. MaryAnne says

    @Beverly – it's a lot of fun, and easier to clean up with the corn starch (washes off very quickly). My kids actually asked to do it again this morning…

  3. Quadmama says

    I've been meaning to try this ever since your first post about sidewalk paint. Hope everyone starts feeling better soon.

  4. MaryAnne says

    @Cindy – great idea to use liquid watercolors to refill ink pads, and I bet my kids would love your shaving cream in the tub activity.

  5. Keeling says

    our kids are so much alike! Jack is like Pigpen from Charlie Brown, a cloud of dirt follows him around and Ainsley is miss priss, and always clean.

    I bought some crayola sidewalk paint this winter on clearance at walmart for $1 a bottle. I love it! The kids paint the porch, the fence, the picnic table, the rocks, everything!

  6. MaryAnne says

    @Keeling – I wish we could get our kids together for a play date, sounds like they would get along perfectly!

  7. Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog says

    Awwww… I hope they feel better soon. It's not much fun being sick! :-(

    Looks like the washable paint worked really well, and I have lots of that on hand here, so I'll try it the next time we make sidewalk paint. It's always a hit in our household!


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