Quality Construction Toys: Bionic Blox (Now called Brackitz)!


I’m a huge fan of quality educational toys, so I was thrilled when Bionic Blox (now called Brackitz) reached out to see if I was interested in a review! They sent us their wonderful Architect kit, and all of my kids are smitten with this fantastic STEM construction toy! I love this toy, too – enough to happily sit on the floor and build my own things alongside them!

A Great New Construction Toy for Kids

The brilliance of Bionic Blox (now rebranded as Brackitz ) is that the concept behind this US-made toy is simple: star connectors link up with wooden blocks. Bionic Blox star connectors also work with (affiliate links) KEVA Planks and Citiblocs if you have those. You can buy a set of just star connectors if you don’t need the blocks! The star connectors hold the planks firmly so that you can pick your creation up and move it around without worrying about it breaking. There are many different ways to insert a plank into a star – it doesn’t have to link up exactly to hold, so you have an infinite number of angles to choose from! Each star has a hollow, round center that you can place a pencil or wooden dowel through for further flexibility! Here you can see a few things we made during our first building session:

This toy has won a bunch of awards, and it’s easy to see why. What a simple way to help kids explore the concepts behind geometry, math, and architecture!

What do you think your kids will make with these? What will you make?


  1. Alyson says

    My kids love to build. Today my 8 year old was trying to build something with craft sticks and rubber bands. She would love these. They can make bigger structures than Legos, but not too big!

  2. says

    I think my kids would love these! We have all kinds of blocks and Magna Tiles that the kids love to build things with. I love to see them get more creative with what they build as they get older!

  3. Tracy S. says

    I would love to check these out! And my kids would love them too – they both love building blocks and I think this would be a fun change of pace.

  4. says

    EEeee! Really? A giveaway! My kids would love these. They love anything they can build with! Thanks for the chance to win, MaryAnne!

  5. Rachel Anderson says

    I’d like them for my son who goes to occupational therapy twice a week, I think these would have him work on his fine motor skills and use creativity at the same time.

  6. says

    The Blox are that kind of toys which 3 y.o. and 6 y.o. can play together and both have fun. Perfect for combination in our family.

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