Sensory play for babies and toddlers

texture play for babies and toddlers

My inspiration for this craft came from a very popular indoor sand play table at the Children’s Discovery Museum in Acton. The table has a light underneath and is roughly the size of three serving trays. I wanted a way for my kids to have a similar experience at home, and thought using food would be a good idea since my 10-month-old still puts everything in his mouth.


  • Serving tray (I got mine for $1.99 at Ikea)
  • Coarsely ground flour. Rice flour works well because it absorbs moisture more slowly, but I combined the rice flour with corn meal to give it more color. A really coarse grain like Scottish/Irish oatmeal works well too.
  • Child-safe silverware for making patterns (I got place settings for six for $1.99, again at Ikea)
1) Find a tray with some edge, but not tall enough that it’s hard for children to reach inside
serving tray
2) add coarsely ground flour

sensory play for babies and toddlers

3) Time to play!

If my kids were older, I think it would be fun to add dry beans for them to use to make patterns.


  1. Sheri says

    What a great idea! Two of my kids are preschoolers and we could use some fresh ideas. I look forward to hearing all your great ideas. Keep them coming.

  2. Hayley says

    I am trying this one this afternoon…I’ll give my two year old some water in a container after a wee play with the dry flour first. Thanks

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