Plastic Easter Egg Bunnies

plastic easter egg bunnies from

My brilliant sister Catherine posted these plastic Easter egg bunnies that she came up with on Facebook. I loved the idea, so she offered to photograph the steps so I could share it with you. They are so cute! You could also draw alien faces on them for older kids – or, better yet, let the older kids draw the faces themselves! All of our plastic Easter eggs are currently being used as egg shakers (and, actually, they are hole-free Easter eggs, come to think of it), but my kids are going to an Easter egg hunt this weekend, so we will do this with the candy and eggs that I am sure they will bring home.

turn plastic easter eggs into bunnies - click through for the tutorial.

This is a very easy craft – all you need are miniature tootsie roll pops (or similar lollipops), plastic Easter eggs, and a Sharpie pen. You do want to make sure that your eggs are the (cheap) kind that comes with two holes in the top. Catherine got hers at Target – 48 for $2. Not bad! I imagine that you can find the lollipops there, too.

Some plastic Easter eggs come with two holes in the top - perfect for creating bunnies (or aliens!)

Stick a lollipop through each hole. Make sure you pick lollipops that have stems and tops that are small enough to fit.

fill plastic Easter eggs with mini tootsie roll pops, and poke the sticks through to create bunny ears - or alien antennae!

They will probably fit best if you cross the stems, like this:

Poke lollipop sticks through the holes in plastic Easter eggs to create bunny ears - or alien antennae!

Close your egg, and add the face. I think older kids would enjoy decorating these as aliens – so much room for creativity!

Once the lollipops are in your Easter egg, use a Sharpie pen to draw on a bunny face - or a goofy alien!

Do you have a favorite Easter craft? How about a non-Easter craft that uses plastic eggs, since I suspect that many of us will have many of those hanging around after this weekend? I am always looking for fun ideas, and I love that Megan of Coffee Cups and Crayons’ kids used them as mini planting pots!


  1. says

    How cute :) I was wondering how you got those sticks on there. I’m sure if the makers of these eggs saw these they’d be pretty pleased their holes were put to good use lol.

  2. Anonymous says

    As always another winner! Just in time for the big day tomorrow, thank you.your a life saver cause I have no ideas .lol


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